Meri Gudiya Written Update 26th December 2019: Madhuri dies, Raghav is inconsolable

The episode starts with Ratri releasing madhuri’s hand from her neck by unplugging the switch. Madhuri dies and her soul enters the doll. On seeing that Madhuri is dead ratri replugs the switch and leaves the hospital room

. Raghav comes to see Madhuri and finds something different. He sees that Madhuri is lying still. He then sees the monitor and it shows a constant line which means the end of a person. Raghav is taken aback on seeing this.

He shouts out to the doctor and even wakes his brother by the shout. Doctor tries all that they could to save Madhuri but to no avail. Madhuri is declared dead which makes Raghav inconsolable and uncontrollable. He falls down on the ground. His brother too is shocked to see this.

The news of Madhuri’s death reaches their house. Everybody breaks down on hearing the news. Dadi ji too is heavily saddened on hearing this. She loved Madhuri very dearly. Avi does not know all this and continues sleeping.

The hospital starts to take the body of Madhuri outside the premises to the van so that she can be taken from there for her final rituals. A hospital cleaner comes to clean Madhuri’s room and finds the doll lying there. She picks it up and puts it in the dustbin as she doesn’t know what else could be done with it. She then takes the dustbin outside the hospital to the place where all the dustbins are kept for the wastes to go into the disposal. She crosses raghav and avi while taking the dustbin but raghav, being so broken is lost in Madhuri’s thoughts and doesn’t see the doll passing by. When the worker leaves the dustbin near the disposal area, Abdul chacha sees it as he was offering namaz at a nearby place. He picks up the doll and goes to put it in the car.

While driving back home, raghav looks at the doll and remembers the time the three of them spent together, him, Madhuri and Avi. Later Avi is sleeping in her room when she starts talking to her mother in sleep only. She says that she is missing her a lot. She dreams of being in the Jungle and alone. She looks for her mother who is nowhere to be found.

Just as the doll starts entering Avi’s room, in her dreams too she starts seeing her mother. When the doll comes near her, Avi sees in the dream that Madhuri is also as close to her and hugs her. Avi too hugs her mother, while in reality she hugs the doll to sleep.

Everyone is at the funeral of Madhuri. Raghav is still standing very broken in front of madhuri. The priest tells him that it is time to start the ritual. Raghav is given a pot which he takes around the pyre of Madhuri. He is later given fire to put it on the pyre. When he starts to just do that, gush of winds appear and blow off the fire.

Everyone is stunned to see this. Here ratri talks to Rudraksha about the first success she had and also promised him that the second task if killing the daughter, the positive power will also happen the same night.