Meri Gudiya Written Update 27th December 2019: Avi is adamant to meet Madhuri

The episode starts with Avi sleeping in her room with her doll. She suddenly gets up and starts talking. She says that she is alone and is getting very scared. She picks up the doll and goes outside near the stairs, she puts the doll in the stairs and sleeps in her lap on the stairs only. She sleeps thinking about her mother. In sometime dulaari kaaki comes and sees her sleeping on the stairs. She then prays to goddess durga saying that this is not justice done to a pure soul who believed and worshipped her always. Today she has taken away her daughter only from her, which is not done. She picks up Avi and takes her to her room to make her sleep.

Madhuri’s soul talks from the doll and says that from now on everyone else has to take care of Avi and protect her from all dangers. Dulari kaaki starts to leave from the room when from the outside Ratri is seen coming. Madhuri wishes that dulaari kaaki stays in the room, but she leaves. Ratri is picking up on stairs and reaching Avi’s room. She has a potion with herself which she has brought to kill Avi.

Madhuri then prays to the goddess that the door closes so that Ratri could not enter. As ratri is about to enter the room, the door closes on its own, preventing Ratri from entering the room. Ratri tries to open the door but to no benefit. The sound of her trying to open the door reaches down and is heard by Dadi and Dulaari kaaki. They go upstairs to check.

Avi too gets up from her bed and comes out with her doll at the door. Ratri tries to go near her but has to leave as Dadi and Dulaari kaaki reach Avi’s room. They see Avi standing. She tells them that she was getting scared. Dulaari kaaki picks her up and takes her back to her room and tries to make her sleep. Avi goes to sleep saying that she has to get up early next morning and meet her mother. Dadi nods in agreement so that she sleeps properly. The next morning avi gets up and tells her doll that she is a big girl now and will have to get ready on her own as Madhuri is not here to get her ready.

Raghav is in his room looking at the picture of him and Madhuri. He recalls some of the moments they spent together. Avi enters the room and ask raghav to get ready. On asking she says that they have to go meet madhuri. Raghav could not tell her the truth and tells her to get ready properly and then they would go. Avi says that she is ready and they should go. Raghav calls on Dulaari kaaki to get Avi ready. Avi runs to the Dadi. She tells her to take her to the mother.

Dadi is filled with tears and speaks within that this is not going to be possible ever. Avi then goes to her chachu who asks her to have a chocolate milkshake and then they would go. Rudraksha punishes Ratri for failing in her attempt. Ratri explains that the door shut on its own when she tried to enter the room. This comes as a surprise to Rudraksha as he learns that there is some other person too in the house who is aware of positive powers of Avi.