Meri Gudiya Written Update 2nd January 2020: Ratri prepares food for everyone

The episode starts with rudraksha at his work place. He is seen hiding behind places from something. He feels someone or something is there. He calls for it to appear. He then sees a cloud of energy in front of him. He tries to touch it and gets a shock.

The energy of the cloud leaves. Dadi is informed by the guruji that Avi is the target of the evil. Madhuri was their obstacle and thus got her killed. Dadi is shocked to hear this. Guruji tells her that the evil energies are from a different world. He tells her to be cautious enough. He tells that the negative energies are always around avi.

Raghav looks fir ratri in he room. He is later informed that ratri is preparing food for everyone. Shaurya hears this. Raghav talks to shaurya about this. Shaurya finds ratri’s works fishy. He tells raghav that ratri is looking to find a place in the house and people’s hearts by cooking food. Avi is in the kitchen with Ratri. Avi coughs.

Dulaari kaaki asks Avi to go with her out of the kitchen. Avi refuses. Ratri ask kaaki to let her be. Kaaki informs her that it is not healthy for Avi to be in the kitchen. Ratri is frustrated by all the care that is taken of Avi. Ratri then asks avi to leave the kitchen and promises to prepare a milkshake for her. Ratri is still frustrated with all this. Pari is satisfied with kaaki taking avi out of the kitchen.

Raghav asks dadi about her trouble and being upset. Dadi tells raghav and shaurya that There is danger on Avi. She writes that a neha energy is after avi. Shaurya tells them that everyone in the house are their closed ones and the only outsider is ratri. Raghav tells his that she is also like a family member.

Ratri along with the helpers arrange the dinner table. She asks them to call the rest of the members. Ratri goes to avi’s room to bring her for dinner. She has some more evil plans to execute. She makes a spider web on the stairs so that avi falters. It’s her plan to spend as much time with raghav as possible.

Madhuri, in pari is concerned about avi. Avi along with pari comes out with ratri. She asks avi to take the stairs instead of the lift. Avi agrees.

Everybody reaches the dinner table. Shaurya is in doubt as to why ratri is doing all this. Dulaari kaaki goes to call dadi. Ratri tells avi that she has forgotten her phone and asks her to go alone. Avi is just near the web and about t fall.