Meri Gudiya Written Update 8th January 2020: Ratri plans for Madhuri’s Birthday

The episode starts with Avi sleeping at night and pari sliding down the bed. Raghav and Ratri are sitting together having coffee. Ratri finds the coffee a little strong and goes to get sugar.

Pari says that why isn’t Raghav able to understand Ratri’s plans. Ratri gets herself some sugar and pari using her powers slides her chair. Ratri falls down. Raghav gives her hand to get her up. Avi too comes there and sees Ratri fallen down. She starts laughing. Raghav tells her to stop laughing and apologise to Ratri.

Avi says that even he was smiling. Raghav too controls his smile and asks Avi to apologise to Ratri. She does the same. Then all of them go in the hall. The clock strikes 12. Raghav looks at the family picture and wishes birthday to Madhuri. Avi is also told by Raghav that it is her birthday today. Both of them wished that Madhuri was there with them. Avi asked Raghav whether they will celebrate her birthday to which Ratri replies that definitely they will celebrate the birthday. Avi gets happy. Ratri tells her that first they will teach the bully at school a lesson and then they will celebrate the birthday.

Raghav takes Avi to her room. He asks her to go to school the next day. Avi agrees and goes back to sleep. Ratri talks to herself saying that she is doing all this just to get closer to Raghav and fulfill their plan of Killing Avi. She too cunningly wishes Madhuri by looking at her photo. The next day she takes Avi to her school. Avi shows Ratri who the bully was.

Ratri goes to him and gives him a milkshake that she has tempered with. The boy drinks it and starts doing whatever Ratri tells him to do.

He returns everybody’s tiffin and then goes to Avi to apologize to her. He has become Avi’s friend now. Some time later she tells Ratri that the boy has become her friend and he troubles her no more. Raghav too reaches the school. All three of them go to have ice cream.

Rudraksha talks to ratri about her behavior with he family and her constant steps to kill Avi when he has strictly said negative for the same. She said that she is going as per her plans. They have some more quarrel over their fears and other things. Ratri leaves. She has brought a huge cake to celebrate Madhuri’s birthday. She asks Avi how did she like it.

Avi says that she did not like the cake and Ratri doesn’t know anything about the birthday celebration. She runs to her room. Ratri is informed by Raghav that Madhuri never used to celebrate her birthday. All her time was to go in planning to do something new for Avi only on her birthday.

Ratri apologises, to which Raghav responds saying it’s not her fault as she did not know about it earlier. Avi is in her room talking about Madhuri to pari when she hears a sound coming from the garden. She goes and sees that Ratri has brought some clowns and along with them she too is dancing as a clown. Avi gets really happy and goes downstairs. She, in a hurry drops Pari.

Precap: Pari is being kept with old toys and packed in the store room. Shaurya asks Ratri about who has decided to keep the old toys in the store room.