Meri Gudiya Written Update 9th January 2020: Pari is kept in the store room

The episode starts with Avi running down to the garden to go to Ratri. She is very happy with whatever Ratri has done. She goes and hugs her. Everyone else is also very happy seeing this. Raghav too is very relaxed. Then turanta shows a video to Raghav which shocks him. He then calls Ratri and tells him that he needs to talk to her and she should meet him inside the house. This is what he tells everybody else as well. Ratri receives a call from Adrika. She asks her why has she put up today’s day as her birthday on social media

. Ratri tells her that she wouldn’t be able to understand her plans. Adrika then tells her that Rudraksha has called her urgently. She says she will be there in sometime. Ratri goes inside of the house to meet everyone. Raghav tells her how could she hide such a big thing from the family. Ratri couldnt understand anything. Then Raghav shows her social media where she had put up her birthday as today. He asks her why did she hide it from everyone.

Ratri tells him that today was Madhuri’s birthday as well and she did not want to take the attention away from that as that was far more important than her. Shaurya feels all this to be a drama. Ratri then talks to herself saying that her birthday does not even come in that month, leave the day. She had done all that just to gather Raghav’s attention. Turanta calls a person and takes him to Avi’s room. He tells him to remove all the old toys and pack them up properly as they will be replaced by new ones. He also tells him to be very careful and that nothing should break.

The person agrees. He starts packing all the toys in the cartons. After packing all the old toys, his eyes fall on Pari, which is lying outside. He goes to pick that up too and puts it in the carton. He then takes them to the store room. Dulaari kaaki tells him to put them in proper place. Ratri goes to meet Rudraksha. He makes her stand in the middle of a candle ring. He wishes her birthday. Both Adrika and Ratri are scared.

Ratri tells him that she is just going according to the plan and whatever he has said. He only told her to keep a strong eye on everyone. She is doing just that. When asked about two birthdays adrika says that she must have thought of something and then only she would have done that. Ratri tells him that she wants to take her revenge from Raghav by winning over him and make him her keep. This is why she changed her birthday to gain the family’s attention and also their sympathies.

Raghav and dadi are in talks. Raghav praises Ratri to dadi. He tells her that she really has a very big heart. Avi comes to them and asks for Pari. They respond saying that they don’t know. Avi says that nobody helps her and only if Ratri would’ve been there she would’ve helped her. Dadi feels happy seeing Avi talking about Ratri. She praises her too in her wishes. Everyone in the family is looking for pari but are not able to find her.

Turanta starts showing new toys to Avi but she does not like any of them. She tells them that she only wants pari. Shaurya asks who wanted to keep the toys in the storeroom. Turanta replies saying it was dulaari kaaki’s idea. Raghav and dulaari kaaki go to search for Pari in the storeroom. They search in many cartons but do not go near the carton where pari is actually present. So they come out and lock the door from outside.

Precap: Raghav is to be given the best businessman award of the year. The person who will give it to him is none other than Rudraksha.