Mishti scolds Abir: Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyar Ke

 Star Plus spin off show Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyar Ke to witness high voltage drama in the coming days with Meenakshi plotting against Mishti, so that she can make her stay away from Kunal and Abir.

In the episodes it is seen Meenakshi apologises in front of everyone and gets ready for the Mishti and Kunal’s courtship, so that they both can understand each other well before marriage. Otherside, she gets furious seeing Mishti and Kuhu and plans to get rid-off from the both. Meanwhile, Abir plans a date for Mishti and Kunal. Kunal and Mishti gets ready to meet each other. When Kunal was about to leave Meenakshi stops him and tells him that, Abir left his wallet at home. Kunal says he will give him. Abir took Ketki for shopping but some goons kidnapped Ketki mid-way. Abir searches for Ketki.

Now, ahead in the story will see Abir reaches the café and slapped Ved for kidnapping Ketki. He also heard Ved proposing Ketki for marriage again. Mishti and Kunal too reaches the café meanwhile, police came and asks for the matter. Mishti somehow manages to handle the situation and scolds Abir for getting involved in a fight with Ved without thinking about his friends and family. Abir will ask she worries for his friends too. Mishti will say she is his friend too thus she can’t see him in any trouble. Kunal will send boquet of flowers for Mishti.

As per the sources Abir will get jealous seeing Kunal and Mishti and Mishti too feels comfortable sharing her problems with Abir, now it will be interesting to watch who will confess the feeling first, Abir or Mishti?. Well, what you think on this, do let us know in the comment section.

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