Miss Bulgaria 2019 Margo Cooper: I would like to see myself as a superhero

Miss Bulgaria 2019 Margo Cooper is determined to make it big in the Hindi film industry now! From taking dance, fitness as well as Hindi classes to formulating a wish list for herself, Margo has hit the ground running. She says that Bollywood always fascinated her.

I have loved Bollywood movies since I was a child, I always enjoyed the dancing part the most and I loved the dramatic script of old classic Bollywood movies. That’s how I started to dream of coming to India at a young age. And now I’m here, I think following childhood dreams is something so amazing. These dreams are what you really wanted to do before society and surroundings imposed rules on you,” she says.

Talking about being part of the film industry, she says, “The best part is to be able to live many lives in one, to be someone else for a while. And there is no limit to the characters you can play. It’s just a world in a world. What I dislike is that you never know when and if the next project is coming and if people are going to like your work or not. This job is not only about creativity and art but it’s about delivering some emotions, ideas, awareness, and feelings to the audience. We work for the public and they are the most important people in the industry.”

As far as roles are concerned, Margo has some genres in mind. “I think I’m a perfect fit for action movies and romantic ones. On one hand, I’m very strong and athletic but, on the other hand, my face is mostly suitable for a love story. I would like to see myself as a superhero, we need more of that in Bollywood!” she says.

Ask her if she is worried about being stereotyped here, and she says, “I think everyone is different and everyone has a different background. If you enter the industry after a reality show then people will stereotype you anyway. But there is nothing wrong with that. It’s not easy to be a foreigner in such a competitive industry and to start here from zero. You need to find your own niche and way. I personally don’t expect things to move super-fast because fame, for me, is not a goal. Quality of work is everything to me. I’m quite a private person and the only thing I want is to work and to give back, other things are not that important.”

In fact, Margo is loving her time here. “In every industry, there are good and bad people. It’s integral to have good networking and to meet people who will believe in you. I have been lucky enough to meet and work with real professionals and very good people who are always very supportive and kind to me. It’s very important to have a good start here. I’m a truly blessed person at this point. For me, friendship is everything and I don’t choose friends based on what they are doing. I’m quite a new person here but have already made lifetime friends and I think that there is enough room for everyone in the industry,” she says.