Missing Kumkum Bhagya? Here is why you shouldn’t miss Prachi and Ranbir’s romance

Show Kumkum Bhagya is Zee tv’s longest running show. Current storyline is focusing on Ranbir and Prachi who is struggling from their own feelings for each other.

Earlier we saw that, Choubey forces Ranbir to marry his beloved daughter Maya as he is under the misunderstanding that Ranbir loves Maya.  Even as Ranbir tries to make him understand that he does not love Maya, yet Choubey is Persists on stubbornness. In between this mess Ranbir confess his love for Prachi and Proposed her. While Prachi also starts gaining her feelings towards Ranbir.

Since the show is on break due to Covid-19 outbreak, here we are taking you down to the memory lane of Ranbir and Prachi’s eye-lock moment. Also don’t miss their cute banter too.

Only Prachi’s happiness matters.
One day Prachi feels hurt as for some reason Pallavi scolds her.  While Ranbir wants to cheer her up because he can’t see Prachi sad, so he brings Prachi to his favorite ice cream shop, Prachi asks Ranbir for a race competition because he always wins the competition, then both start the race.  Ranbir loses to Prachi on his own free will.  While Prachi is filled with happiness, as she wins over him.  Ranbir thinks that to Prachi’s happiness, he can loose even hundreds of times because his happiness is in Prachi’s happiness.

Ranbir and Prachi are locked in the same room.
When Prachi and Ranbir are making a confession video of Maya, they both accidentally get locked in the library.  Prachi is struggling to open the door, while Ranbir feels excited and asks Prachi that if no one comes here then we have to spend our night here.  And nobody will disturb us.  And there will be darkness and silence here.  In the dark room I can hear your heartbeat and we will be lost in each other’s eyes.  Prachi feels shy, and Ranbir’s  passionate  words make her heart racing.

Prachi feels jealous.
When Ranbir drinks hemp and dances with Maya on a romantic number.  Prachi’s heart feels pain as she cannot bear the proximity of Maya and Ranbir.  Later she pulls Ranbir towards her and tells Ranbir to stay away from Maya.

The love confession.
At holi festival when Prachi ask Ranbir do you like Maya. Ranbir tells her that I only loves Prachi. No girl matters for me only Prachi stay in my heart. Without Prachi my heart feels empty and i want to marry her and want to spent my life with her till i die.

These are the top cute scenes of  Ranbir and Prachi! What more will happen in the show will be interesting to watch.

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