Mithai 15th September 2022 Written Update: Goon attacks Sid with a hammer

Mithai 15th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Harimohan saying to Sid that they agree that he got an opportunity to work because of Mithai but you can prove your talent and Mithai won’t come in between. Sid says no dadu until now I achieved with my talent. Some goons destroy Mithai’s shop. Sid goes to his room. Mithai is about to go behind him but she stops receiving a call from the shop. Mithai tells Harimohan few goons are destroying their shop near Mandir. Girish and Abhishek go to save the shop, but goons attack them. One of the goons strangles them. Mithai tries to stop him with a rod but the goon takes the rod and tries to attack her. Sid stops him and he thrashes goons. One of the goons hits Sid on his head with a hammer. Girish and Abhishek make goons leave from there. Sid falls unconscious. Mithai feels worried seeing the blood coming out of his head. They rush Sid to the hospital.

The doctor says the patient condition is critical and asks Girish and others to wait outside. They take Sid to the operation theatre. Girish says don’t know who sends Goons to shop. Hari Mohan and others come to the hospital. They try to console Mithai. Mithai in tears explains how goons attacked Sid. Hari Mohan asks Chandrakanta to stay strong. Mithai goes to Krishna Ji idol in the mandir. She prays to god to save Sid for her and tells him that she can’t live without Sid. Everyone cries for Sid. Hari Mohan goes to Mithai. Mithai says don’t know why those goons came and they attacked Sid in place of me. She tells she can’t live without Sid. Hari Mohan asks her to trust Gopal Ji.

Mithai and Harimohan come to the operation theatre. Doctor comes out and informs family members that they did the operation but Sid may fall into a coma if he doesn’t gain consciousness. Mithai and everyone gets shocked by these revelations. Staff shifts Sid to Icu. Shubham cries badly. Pramod thinks Shubham may reveal everything if he didn’t console him. He consoles Shubham saying everything will be fine. He takes Shubham with him to clear the hospital bills. Mithai sees Sid through a glass window and recalls their moments.

Mithai thinks she won’t let anything happens to her husband. She leaves. Shubham says to Pramod that they did wrong and they are responsible for Sid’s state. He says they must be in jail for this conspiracy. Pramod says we played this game to keep Mithai away from the position and what do you gain by revealing this truth? We may lose everything so stay silent. Hari Mohan comes there and asks if they paid money. Shubham and Pramod say they paid the money. Hari Mohan leaves. Pramod asks Shubham to control himself. Mithai places her hand on Diya and tells Gopal Ji that she won’t remove it until Sid gets fine. She asks him to make Sid gain consciousness.

Episode ends.

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