Mithai 19th September 2022 Written Update: Pramod leaves Chobey’s house

Mithai 19th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Doctor reminding everyone that he said not to make Sid recall what he forgot. Doctor said that Shubham told him what Mithai said to Sid about their marriage. Shubham and Pramod start to blame Mithai saying Mithai tried to make Sid recall about their marriage. Abha and everyone question Mithai. Girish and everyone asks why did she have to make Sid recall his memory. Mithai defends herself saying that Pramod and Shubham are diverting the topic and lying about it. Mithai tries to tell everyone what happened. Sid comes and asks the doctor what really happened to him. Sid asks the doctor if he has partial amnesia.

The doctor says yes he has and the doctor reminds Sid not to try to forcefully recall his memory and asks him to rest. Sid asks Dadu if he ever married Mithai at one point. Harimohan says to Sid that he really married Mithai and says he loves Mithai. Sid gets shocked hearing this news and he can’t believe it. Sid asks Harimohan if he is playing a drama. Sid says Mithai is playing a drama and reveals what Mithai said to him. Sid says Mithai said to him that he was attacked and the reason he was attacked was because of Shubham and he did it for some international contract. Abha says Mithai might have been mistaken. Everyone also says Mithai might have been mistaken. Sid declares Mithai to not come to his room and not to come infront of him again. Sid leaves to his room and Shubham helps Sid go to his room. Doctor takes Girish out of the house. After the doctor leaves Harimohan calls Shubham and Pramod. Girish asks Pramod what is the truth? Pramod asks what truth? Girish slaps Pramod and says they trust Mithai more than him.

Girish scolds both Pramod and Shubham. Girish asks Shubham if he has forgotten that it is because of Mithai, Girish accepted him as a son. Girish also scolds Pramod that he once believed him and he showed his true colors just after that. Abha also says she doesn’t trust Pramod. Girish asks both of them if anyone of them is going to admit what Mithai said? Pramod admits infront of everyone that they did it and says but it is not their intention to hurt Sid. Pramod says he did it so that Shubham can get his rightful place.

Shubham also says to Girish that just because “I made one mistake you took away my right and said that Mithai will do better than me. So should I be a Halwai for Mithai my whole life. Sid made a bigger mistake than me and if you forgave him then why couldn’t you give me a chance.” Girish says “I gave you the right to send me to heaven but you don’t understand it.” Girish asks Harimohan to handle both of them.

Harimohan says to Pramod that “we thought of you as this house son in law that’s why we forgave you until now but you crossed the line. Harimohan gives Pramod a choice saying that he has to promise that he will not make any dirty moves from now on and we won’t tell Sid about the truth. Harimohan says now the choice is in his hands saying whether they have to tell the truth or not. Pramod says to Harimohan that “you can see my mistakes but not my wounds. I did work for your son but I was never your servant or your family’s servant.” Pramod declares that he will come back and he will make all of them his servants.

Episode ends.

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