Mithai 20th September 2022 Written Update: Pramod and Shubham instigate Sid against Mithai

Mithai 20th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Harimohan asking Shubham why he broke relationships for money. He says you made us all outsiders and you fail to fulfill your responsibility. He says from now onwards he doesn’t have any relationship with them. Shubham asks if he is throwing him out of the house. Hari Mohan says you will get your share of the property but you won’t have any relationship with us. Girish asks Abhishek to give him his property as he can’t do it. Abhishek says to Shubham you don’t have any of us. He requests Shubham for one day to give him his share of the property.

Girish asks him to come in the next day to collect papers and cheques. He says you lost the right to do my last rights. He asks him to not enter their house to shed tears even if he is dead. Shubham thanks them for making him an outsider and he asks if they take the same decision if Sid is in his place. Shubham says they are throwing him as they always consider him a waste and I may be raised better if I was in another place. He leaves the house in tears.

Hari Mohan recalls recent happenings. Chandrakanta asks how much time he thinks about things which they can’t change. Hari Mohan says there is no hope left for him as Sid forgot his wife and Shubham is behaving in this way. Mithai hears his words. She asks how can she has hope if he loses his hope. Hari Mohan assures her saying Sid will definitely recall his past. Chandrakanta smiles.

Mithai cleans Sid’s room. Sid comes there. He gets some flashes of Mithai when they got married. Sid feels vigorous pain. Mithai feels worried. She advises him to not think about the past. Sid says it’s a matter of the brain and it’s not in my control. Abha comes there and they make Sid sleep on the bed. Abha asks Sid to go with Mithai and you used to help her a lot in the business. Sid asks what business. Mithai takes Abha outside and tells her that they can’t force Sid to recall his past. She says Abha to take care of Sid and leaves for work. Sid comes out. He asks Sourya where Mithai is going. Sourya says Mithai Bhabhi is going to Gosai Bandar which she started in our old shop and it’s her shop, I asked Dad to hand over Hm sweets to her as her marketing is good and she beat us in business. Sid thinks about when it happened. Sourya leaves.

Sid receives Pramod’s call. Pramod asks Sid to come out of the house and tells him that he needs to talk with him about something important. Sid comes out of the house and meets Pramod. Pramod shows Sid how Shubham is holding Mithai’s feet. Shubham asks Mithai to forgive him. Mithai asks him to talk in front of the family and only elders can decide as you tried to snatch my husband’s life from me. She leaves. Sid asks Shubham why he was holding Mithai’s feet. Pramod says Mithai trapped Harimohan and the whole family is believing Mithai’s lies. Sid asks him to tell him what happened.

Pramod says Mithai trapped everyone and she married you and occupied our shop then she snatched international order from Shubham and she failed to fulfill her order then she made her shop get attacked and in that attack, you lost your memory and everything is happened because of her but no one believes us and you’re the only hope to us. Shubham says he us unlucky and Mithai made him an orphan again. Pramod says Sid believes Harimohan and Harimohan in Mithai’s favor. Pramod warns Sid to beware of Mithai. Sid gets angry at Mithai.

Episode ends.

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