Mithai 6th August 2022 Written Update: Apeksha blackmails Sid

Mithai 6th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Girish ousting Shubham out of the house. Girish warns everyone if anyone goes against him or if anyone tried to instigate his son against him then he will out of this house. Shubham goes to meet Mithai and Harimohan.

Apeksha calls Sid. Sid says he doesn’t want to talk to her. Apeksha tries to explain and says whatever she did it is all because Girish asked her to. Sid says you always say there is 15 years friendship between us. Sid says what do you think by doing this you can make me marry you. Apeksha says yes and reminds Sid that she has a copy of that video. If she wants she can also go to the judge to show the video and says after their marriage she will delete the video. Sid feels as if his mom is talking to him.

Shubham tells Harimohan everything. Harimohan says he made a mistake in identifying his son and says to Chandrakantha that did you hear he used Apeksha as a puppet to hurt us. Mithai and Shubham shake hands and they become partners in business. Shubham decides to stay with Harimohan and Chandrakantha. Harimohan says Sid will also come soon as he will not be able to live without me.

Sid sleeps with his mother’s photo frame in his hands and he feels that she is giving him advice. Sid follows the advice and thinks of what happened again with a calm mind and says to her mom he found the way out.

Mithai advertises her new business and gives the pamlets to everyone on the street on Munni.

Indu says this is the first time it felt like she is making Prashad. Chandrakantha says with this their business will be on a roll. Shubham says if we are not able to sell this stock today then we will be in a loss as we don’t have a place to store them. Mithai says Gopal ji is their business partner and he will take care of it. Mithai waits for order.

Mithai sees a news that Mohan trivedi’s daughter kumkum trivedi is stuck in a bore well. But beacuse of heavy rainfall in Brindavan they rescue team were not able to do anything. Mithai and Harimohan talk about the news. Shubham is worried that the Mithai will be stale and they decide to distribute in the poor people. Mithai starts getting orders. Mithai starts getting worried about how to deliver the orders to everyone. Harimohan asks Mithai if she pasted the wanted posters. Mithai says she pasted it everywhere. Shubham and Mithai talk about how to deliver the rest of the deliveries. Mithai says the rest of Munni’s will come soon.

Few men come on cycles and they ask for Mithai. Those men identify her. Mithai tells them the condition of wages and how much money they will get. Mithai says they will get 10 % of each deliver and if they are no deliveries they will get Rs 200 for a person and if they agree she asks them to tell Jai Gopal with her. They say Jai Gopal with her. The next day they start the business. Sid meets Harimohan and Mithai. Harimohan and they talk about how much they have earned. Mithai counts the rest of the money and gives the money to Harimohan. Harimohan puts the money at Gopal ji blessings.

Sid apologizes to Harimohan and Mithai. Mithai says thank you for giving her the challenge. Sid and Mithai starts bickering with each other. Sid apologizes to Dadu and says Girish is using him as a puppet. Sid accepts Mithai’s offer and he is ready to become Mithai’s business partner.

Episode ends.

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