Mohammad Nazim: Want to gift myself focus and determination this year

Actor Mohammad Nazim is all set to celebrate his birthday. The actor plans to do some social work this year. “I want to celebrate in a very simple way with family and friends. I want to spend the day at some NGO this birthday. I have recently sponsored T-shirts for children in an NGO,” says Nazim, who turns a year older on the 1st of January.

Ask him what he plans to gift himself this year, and he says, “I think I would like to gift myself the power of determination and focus on work. Lastly, I would like to send my parents to Hajj in 2019.”

Birthdays mean the world to Nazim. “I think every birthday has been memorable but the most memorable was the year where I celebrated with my school friends in childhood. But now, my social circle has increased. I think you should do something different on your birthday. Now, I would like to extend help to the poor and I would like to extend help to an NGO as well,” he says.

Age is just a number of Nazim. “I also believe that age is just a number. You should eat good, stay fit and stay healthy,” he says, adding, “I feel that age is just a number. Your fitness and health describe your agility to work not your age. So, I believe whatever age you are you must remain fit so that your efficiency never diminishes.”