Molkki 10th May 2021 Written Update: Sakshi questions Virendra

Molkki 10th May 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Purvi tells Virendra that he should be with Sakshi at this time and if Sakshi get to know that he is with her then she may misunderstood. Virendra says to her that he want to say what he feels and says to her that he want to apologize to her because Sakshi treating her like maid. He tells her that he is ashamed of himself for not doing anything for her and he really want to tell the truth to Sakshi.

She says to him that he can’t do that mistake because their priority is Sakshi’s health. She asks him to give some time to Sakshi because, for Sakshi she is maid so Sakshi is not wrong in her place. She asks him to promise her that he won’t tell the truth to Sakshi until she recovers completely. He says to her that she is tolerating everything but he is not able to see her like this.

She says to him that they should face this situation together and she can tolerate anything with smiling face because he is with her. He hugs her and Sakshi knocks the door so he opens it. Sakshi asks him that what is he doing there at this time. Purvi lies to her saying that Manas wanted to apply balm from Virendra so she called him. Sakshi stays with Kids.

Kids asks Purvi to say story. Purvi says to them that Sakshi will sing a lullaby for them today. Sakshi sings a lullaby and cries recalling the moments she shared with her Kids. Purvi gives water to her and continues the lullaby and recalls the moments she shared with Kids. Then both Sakshi and Purvi sings lullaby together.

Next day, Sakshi wakes Virendra and says to him that they has to go to temple like they went last time. He says to her that he don’t remember that. She says to him that she want to thank God for reuniting her with her family. Purvi says to Sakshi that she can’t join them today because she want to go to the nearest temple.

Sakshi informs her that she is also planning to go there only and tells her to get ready and help Kids too. Sakshi takes white outfit for Virendra. He tells her to take black outfit for him saying that so much changed and looks at Purvi.

In the temple, Virendra asks God that what he should do because he can’t see both Sakshi and Purvi in pain. Purvi asks God that she was about to become wife from Molkki but Sakshi returned and why it’s happening with her. Sakshi thinks she is happy that she returned to her family but seems like everything changed and also she is hiding Prakashi and Anjali’s truth from Virendra. She gives prasad to everyone.

Virendra feeds prasad to Purvi without Sakshi’s knowledge. Kids takes Purvi with them to play. Sakshi says to Virendra that she feels like he is hiding something from her. He tells her that she is overthinking. They get in the bus. Kids asks Virendra to buy sweets for them. Sakshi takes them to buy sweets.

Virendra and Purvi asks the Driver to stop the bus. But Conductor says to them that bus won’t stop because they has to reach the next bus stand on time. Purvi says to Virendra that they will get off at next stop. Sakshi calls Prakashi and informs everything to her. Prakashi tells about it to Anjali. Sakshi wonders how she is going to reach Virendra.

Episode ends.

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