Molkki 12th March 2021 Written Update: Purvi decides to save that unknown lady from Anjali

Molkki Spoiler: Vaibhav shot Purvi
Molkki Spoiler: Vaibhav shot Purvi

Molkki 12th March 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Karan goes to get book and sees Prakashi. Prakashi was preparing for puja and seeing him she recalls how Karan’s father met her and said both knows that who snatched Vaibhav from her and said their enemy is same so if she wants then they can punish their enemy together and she too agreed to join hands with him. She recalls how he introduced Karan to her and told her to use him to punish their enemies.

Prakashi tells Karan that now Purvi started to believe him and next step is making Virendra jealous. Purvi dreams about one lady in cave and wakes up. She wonders why Anjali tied her and what’s her intention to do that and decides save that lady from Anjali and wonders how to save her because she is not in the cave now and thinks to search her again in the cave and says she will find her no matter what.

Next day, Purvi reaches that cave and searches that lady there but no one is there except the security guard and she hides from him and prays to God to help her. She notices the medicines there and realises that Bhuri used to buy these medicines only and gets one taxi bill too and decides to call the taxi driver to get any clue about that lady. She calls him and questions him. He says he picked three ladies from the cave. She asks where he dropped them. He asks why she is asking that.

She says they are her relations and she want to meet them that’s why. He says he will send the address to her and disconnects the call. Virendra calls Purvi and says she is getting late for college. He enters his class room and sees Purvi who is in the lab through glass. He gets mesmerized seeing her but Karan disturbs him and says he is sitting on his chair and tells him to get up. Virendra says it was Karan’s chair but from today it’s his chair so Karan goes to sit another chair.

Karan challenges Virendra. But Purvi stops Virendra saying he may end up spraining his hand. And Virendra accepts the challenge and wins too. Everyone claps for Virendra. Virendra learns that one more party going to happen in the college. Sudha tells Virendra that she want to take Purvi to NGO to meet Priyu. He gives permission and leaves from there. Purvi thanks Sudha for lying to Virendra for her. And they reaches the address Purvi got from taxi driver. They waits outside the house.

Sudha says she has to reach NGO on time and leaves from there. Purvi knocks the door and shocks seeing Bhuri there. Bhuri asks her to not follow her like this and tells her to leave from there. Purvi sees one old lady and asks who is she. Bhuri says she is her mother. Purvi tells her what taxi driver told her. Bhuri says taxi driver would have lied to her. Purvi leaves from there and Bhuri sees one lady under the table.

Purvi was telling to kids that how Virendra won the challenge. Virendra hears that. She gives one dress to him saying he should wear this for party. Prakashi learns that Purvi went to Bhuri’s house. Karan informs Anjali that he is ready for their plan. Anjali tells Prakashi that blast going to happen in Purvi’s life.

Episode ends.

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