Molkki 15th October 2021 Written Update: Arjun proves Virendra’s innocence

Molkki 15th October 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Arjun tells Purvi that now Virendra will die because of her smartness and moves from there. Purvi stops him and tells him that she is ready to fulfil all his demands and pleads him to save Virendra. He pushes her and tells her that she should have accepted his offer earlier but now he won’t do anything for her.

Sakshi tells him that it was her mistake so he should not punish Purvi. She pleads him to save Virendra atleast for Kids sake because they saved his life. He tells her that he don’t have time for all this because he is getting late for court hearing and leaves from there.

Daksh’s Lawyer tells Judge that Arjun would not have find any evidence because it’s clear that Virendra is culprit. Judge tells Arjun that it’s the latter’s last chance to prove Virendra’s innocence. Arjun tells him that he could not find any evidence but he needs some time.

Meanwhile, Prakashi tells Anjali that she thought she is going to spend her whole life in jail. Anjali asks her that why Sakshi and Purvi released her this soon. Prakashi tells her that Sakshi found out that she didn’t bribe Virendra’s bodyguard that’s why.

Anjali tells her that they should find out that who bribed Virendra’s bodyguard. Prakashi tells her that Sakshi and Purvi found something to prove Virendra’s innocence for sure and if Virendra gets out of jail then she will end up in trouble.

Purvi pleads Judge that she want to talk to Arjun before the latter gives his verdict. She tells Arjun that she want to say her decision to him. Arjun tells Judge that he found new evidence so he needs some time submit it. Judge announces that court hearing will continue after 30 minutes.

After some time, Sakshi waits for Arjun and Purvi. Arjun comes there and tells Judge that he found evidence and shows the bullet to him. He calls the supplier to witness box who supplies guns and bullets to Virendra. Supplier informs Judge that he supplies only black color guns to Virendra. Arjun calls Virendra’s bodyguard to a witness box. Bodyguard tells the truth to Judge.

Arjun submits the forensic report to prove Virendra’s innocence. Judge gives 10 minutes break. Sakshi asks Arjun that where is Purvi. Virendra thanks Arjun and he asks Sakshi about Purvi.

Judge returns and releases Virendra. He orders Police to find the real culprit of Daksh. Virendra tells Arjun that he is not understanding that how to thank him. Arjun tells him that he just did his job and he has an important work and leaves from there.

Virendra and Sakshi reaches the palace. He tells her that Purvi must have done something special to welcome him. He gets surprised seeing Arjun with garland and he searches Purvi. Purvi comes downstairs wearing garland. He asks her that what’s happening here.

Arjun announces that Purvi is his wife. Prakashi asks Purvi that why she married Arjun. Virendra asks Purvi that why Arjun saying like this but she remains silent. Prakashi tells him that she already warned him but he didn’t listen her. He asks her to stop it. He demands the truth from Purvi.

Episode ends.

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