Molkki 16th June 2021 Written Update: Vipul attempts to rescue Purvi

Molkki 16th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Sakshi goes to Kids room. Juhi asks her to play with them and tells her that Manas always cheats while playing. Sakshi asks them that why they didn’t tell the truth to her when they get to know about Gaurav’s truth and why they brought Champa to the engagement venue directly. Juhi tells her that what if the latter refused to believe their words that’s why they planned to expose Gaurav with Champa’s help. She tells her that Purvi taught them to reveal the truth with proof and they did all this to save Purvi from Gaurav. Sakshi thinks that she is about to do big mistake but Kids saved her by exposing Gaurav and she praises her Kids for their bravery.

Next day, Anjali does work in the garden. Manas says to Juhi that Virendra gave the right punishment to Anjali. They makes fun of Anjali. Purvi asks them to not do that and decides to talk to Virendra to decrease the punishment of Anjali. Sakshi stops her saying that Anjali deserves this and moreover this is such a small punishment. Virendra asks Servant to inform him if Anjali doesn’t do her work properly then. Anjali apologize to him. He tells her that he won’t forgive her this time and she has to work daily and after finishing garden work she has to cook for everyone. Prakashi asks Virendra to call electrician.

Purvi thanks Kids for saving her. Kids tells her that she need not to thank them and plays with her. Sakshi sees that and thinks that what she has to do now. Virendra also sees that and thinks that more than Kids he is happy that now Purvi’s marriage is not going to happen. Anjali cries while chopping onions. Prakashi tells her this is not a big punishment. Anjali asks her to help her in cooking. Prakashi glares her.

Virendra talks to Lawyer about divorce and learns that within 2 weeks the divorce process will be completed. Sakshi tells him that after divorce she can’t leave Purvi alone. He tells her that within 2 weeks they can’t find perfect groom for Purvi and asks her to drop the idea of Purvi’s marriage. He tells Servant to call electrician to repair the store room.

Purvi asks Virendra that why he is happy now. He tells her that he is happy that her marriage is not going to happen with someone else. She tells him that she will leave the house after divorce and pleads him to forget her and spend time with Sakshi and Kids and leaves from there.

Priyashi calls Purvi and informs her that she is in Goa and she has one surprise for her. Purvi informs Sakshi that Priyashi coming to meet her. Sakshi apologize to her for not knowing the truth of Gaurav. Purvi tells her that she knows about her intention so the latter need not to apologize. Sakshi asks her that if she liked anyone before marriage. Purvi remembers Vipul and lies to Sakshi. Sakshi prays God to send the perfect groom for Purvi. Purvi decides to make halwa for Priyashi and goes to store room to get the ingredient.

Priyashi meets Prakashi and Sakshi and tells them that she brought Purvi’s friend with her. Purvi gets trapped inside a store room that has caught fire and screams for help. Everyone shocks seeing the fire. Sakshi attempts to save Purvi. Vipul enters the store room to rescue Purvi. Purvi shocks seeing Vipul there.

Episode ends.

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