Molkki 16th September 2021 Written Update: Daksh learns about Purvi and Virendra’s relationship

Molkki 16th September 2021 Written Update on

The episode begins with Priyashi tells Daksh that Purvi and Virendra shares special relationship. She reveals everything about Purvi and Virendra to him. He refuses to believe her and asks her that is she mad or what. She tells him that everyone in this village knows Purvi and Virendra trying to make Purvi remember the past using the latter. He asks Priyashi that why she is telling all this to him. She reveals that Purvi is her elder sister and Purvi destroyed her life so she want to save him from Purvi. He tells her that she is lying. She asks him to think what she said and escapes from there. Anjali and Prakashi sees them together. Anjali tells Nani that she saw Daksh and Priyashi together.

Prakashi tells Nani that if Priyashi told the truth to Daksh then everything is over. Nani tells them that she will talk to Daksh to know that what Priyashi said to him. Daksh thinks that if Priyashi telling the truth then why Virendra hided the truth from him till now. Nani comes there and asks him that what Priyashi said to him. Purvi comes there. Nani asks Daksh to get some rest and takes Purvi from there. Daksh decides to ask about the truth to Virendra.

Next day, Daksh searches Virendra. Nani asks him that where is he going and tells him to select design for Purvi’s mehndi. He tells her that he need to talk to Virendra and leaves from there. He learns that Virendra left the palace for some work.

On the other hand, Sudha meets Priyashi and asks her that what the latter doing with Veer. Priyashi asks her to question Veer. Sudha asks her to stay away from Veer. Priyashi tells her that it’s the latter who came between her and Veer. She says to her that she is Veer’s love and asks her to leave from Veer’s life. Sudha warns to tell Virendra about the latter’s affair and leaves from there.

Nani asks Daksh that what Priyashi said to him. He tells her everything. Prakashi tells him that Priyashi didn’t lie. She badmouth about Virendra and tells him that Virendra blackmailed them to not tell the truth to him. Anjali tells Daksh that Purvi is Virendra’s ‘Molkki’. She says to him that Virendra tortured Purvi a lot that’s why Purvi run away from the palace on her accident day. Prakashi tells him that she is glad that now Purvi is happy with him.

She pleads him to take Purvi from this hell. Nani tells him that now he would have understood that why Virendra got close to their family. She says to him that Virendra brought them to his village to stop this marriage. Daksh tells them that Purvi just belongs to him and he is Purvi’s future so he will protect Purvi from Virendra.

Later, Purvi’s mehndi ceremony begins. Daksh dances with Purvi. Prakashi tells Nani that Virendra is not here it proves that he is planning to do something. Virendra brings Purvi’s mother to the palace to make Purvi remember the past. Purvi gets emotional seeing her mother and she moves towards her and refers her as mother which shocks everyone.

Episode ends.

Precap – Purvi tells Virendra that she feels like she is an orphan. Daksh tells Virendra that he is going to marry Purvi in Delhi.

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