Molkki 17th June 2021 Written Update: Vipul rescues Purvi

Molkki 17th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Purvi shocks seeing Vipul there and feels dizzy. Vipul picks her and leaves the store room. Priyashi gets relieved seeing them. Sakshi asks her about Vipul. Priyashi tells her that he is her friend. Sakshi tells her he saved Purvi’s life without caring about his life. Priyashi recalls that how Vipul informed her about Purvi’s Molkki marriage and tells Sakshi that he loves Purvi so much and he won’t let anything happen to her.

Vipul makes Purvi sit on the chair. Everyone comes there. Sakshi asks Purvi that if she is fine. Purvi nods at her. Sakshi thinks that Vipul still loves Purvi so much that’s why he saved Purvi’s life without caring about his life and she won’t get a better groom for Purvi. Vipul faints.

After some time, Doctor treats Vipul and tells others that he will regain his consciousness soon and asks them to take care of him. Vipul regains his consciousness. Sakshi thanks him for saving Purvi’s life. Priyashi informs her that he got job in Goa and praises him. Vipul thanks them for taking care of him and decides to leave. But Sakshi stops him saying that he should stay in the mansion until he recovers completely. He agrees to stay.

Sakshi takes Priyashi with her to show the room. She asks her to tell about Vipul. Priyashi tells her that Vipul loves Purvi so much that’s why he didn’t marry anyone yet and he even tried to stop Purvi’s Molkki marriage. She reveals that Purvi also used to love Vipul.

Virendra talks to Mr. Gupta about Manager. Sakshi tells him about fire accident and also about Vipul. She talks about Vipul and Purvi’s marriage and reveals that Purvi and Vipul used to love each other. He shocks hearing her and asks her to show Vipul’s picture to him. She informs him that Vipul is in their mansion only and takes him to Vipul’s room. Purvi takes care of Vipul. Virendra thanks Vipul for saving Purvi’s life. Vipul tells him that it’s his responsibility to save Purvi’s life so the latter need not to thank him.

Prakashi asks Anjali about Vipul. Anjali tells her that Vipul is Purvi’s first love. Prakashi asks her that how the latter knows about it. Anjali tells her that she once went to Purvi’s village to know about Priyashi, that time only she got to know about Vipul and Purvi’s love story. She reveals that she only brought him to Goa and Vipul is their new Manager.

Virendra recalls that how he saw Purvi and Vipul together in the past. Sakshi tells him that they should talk to Vipul about marriage. He tells her that they should know everything about Vipul first. She tells him that Vipul and Purvi knows each other since childhood and Vipul still loves Purvi so much that’s why he risked his life to save Purvi.

Episode ends.

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