Molkki 17th March 2021 Written Update: Virendra refused to believe Purvi

Molkki 17th March 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Virendra was recalling how Karan smeared cake on Purvi’s face. One lady comes there and says he is really lucky that’s why he got a girl like Purvi who is beautiful, young and mature and leaves from there. Karan comes there and says Virendra is really lucky like that old lady said and says he even feels jealous seeing him sometimes and says he can do anything to get a wife like Purvi. Virendra gets angry and asks what he meant. Karan says he is just praising Purvi that’s it. Virendra tells him to not say anything else otherwise he won’t hesitate to beat him in front of everyone and says he is just an unwanted guest. Karan says one special person invited him for the party and looks at Prakashi but Virendra sees Purvi. Karan says cake was really tasty. Virendra holds his collar and warns him to not say a word.

Anjali announces that she and kids prepared special video for Purvi. Virendra wonders what kids made. In video, Juhi and Manas says they loves Purvi so much and everyone wishes Purvi in that video. Projector screen becomes blank. Prakashi asks what happened now. Anjali looks at her. Juhi asks to play the clip. Everyone shocks seeing the intimate moment of Purvi and Karan. Purvi closes Juhi and Manas’s eyes. Mama asks to stop this saying this is nonsense. Virendra breaks the projector. Purvi says she did nothing.

Anjali accuses Purvi and says she destroyed Virendra’s respect in front of everyone and asks why she did this and asks how can she do this when she is married girl. She says if Purvi wanted to do all this with Karan then she should have left Virendra first and says Purvi betrayed Virendra. Mama asks Anjali to stop. Anjali says Purvi forgot that she is Virendra’s wife. Purvi pleads her to listen her and says nothing happened between her and Karan. She says Karan will tell the truth and searches him but he is not there.

She tells Virendra to believe her and goes to Prakashi and asks her to believe her. She tells Virendra to tell everyone that she is telling the truth. He slaps her and she falls on the floor. He warns her to not touch him. Prakashi says Purvi is his wife. Virendra says he saw everything in the clip and leaves from there. She pleads him to listen her once and cries. Prakashi and Anjali smiles seeing that.

Prakashi was eating sweet. Anjali says Prakashi’s plan worked. Prakashi says Virendra and Purvi will suffer more. Virendra recalls what all happened between Purvi and Karan and also recalls how she told him that she won’t love him but will love a person who is equal to her age. Purvi cries recalling Virendra’s words. Juhi and Manas scolds Virendra and says they won’t talk to him from now on. Purvi tells them to not say like this. Kids consoles Purvi.

Prakashi tells Virendra to eat and asks him to talk to Purvi about this issue. Purvi pleads him to listen her once. Virendra says he won’t even see this kind of girl’s face. She says if he is suspecting her character then she won’t tolerate it. He badmouths about her character. She says he will regret for saying all this and says she will make him apologize to her. Prakashi says Purvi also deserves to say her point and suggests him to take this issue to Panchayat.

Episode ends.

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