Molkki 18th June 2021 Written Update: Virendra questions Purvi

Molkki 18th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Purvi thinks that it feels strange that Vipul returned in her life. Virendra comes there and sits beside her and asks her that what is she thinking about. He asks her that if she is fine. She tells him that Vipul saved her at the right time otherwise she would have died. He asks her to not talk about death and he won’t let anything happen to her. She tells him that one day she has to leave the mansion permanently and moves from there.

He pulls her towards him and asks her that did she ever loved Vipul. She asks him that why he is asking this weird question. He asks her to answer him and reveals that he saw her and Vipul in Sakshi’s mill in the past. She tells him that she knows Vipul since childhood and she liked him and was about to marry him too but now she don’t has any feelings for him and her heart just beats for Virendra and asks him to not suspect her love and leaves from there. He thinks that Sakshi is right about Purvi’s first love.

Purvi gives food plate to Vipul and asks him to have food. He tells her that he saw her last time as bride and reveals that how he tried to stop her marriage because he learnt that she is becoming Molkki bride but her father’s goons beat him and didn’t let him meet her. He blames himself for her condition. She asks him to not blame himself and thanks him for doing all this for her. He asks her that if she is happy. She asks him that not worry about her. He holds her hand and tells her that he knows that she is not happy but now he will take care of everything. She gets up and asks him to not do anything for her and he should leave the mansion tomorrow. Prakashi and Anjali overhears their conversation.

Next day, Anjali talks to Mr.Gupta about their new manager Vipul and asks him to come to mansion to inform Virendra about new manager. Sakshi tells Virendra that they should talk to Purvi about her and Vipul’s marriage and she is sure that Purvi won’t deny to marry Vipul. Purvi comes there and says to Sakshi that Vipul is fine so he is leaving today and leaves from there. Virendra tells Sakshi that now Purvi don’t love Vipul that’s why she is not stopping him.

Sakshi prays God to help her. Vipul is about to leave the mansion and shocks seeing Mr.Gupta there. Mr. Gupta informs Virendra that Vipul is mansion’s new Manager. Sakshi gets happy hearing that and asks Servant to take Vipul’s luggage to his room.

Later, Vipul plays with Manas and he hurts his hand. Purvi gets worried seeing blood and treats his wound. Sakshi sees that. Kids learns that Vipul is Purvi’s friend. Sakshi thinks that Purvi still cares about Vipul and asks Vipul about his favorite dishes. She tells Purvi to prepare those dishes. Purvi thinks that those dishes are Sakshi’s favourite dishes. While eating, Sakshi lies that Purvi cooked Vipul’s favourite dishes for him. Vipul praises Purvi’s cooking. Virendra refuses to eat and leaves from there.

Episode ends.

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