Molkki 18th November 2021 Written Update: Virendra meets Renu

Molkki 18th November 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Virendra tells Purvi that Sakshi would have won by cheating only otherwise it’s not possible because he is sure that village people voted for the latter only. Sakshi enters the palace. He asks her that what is she doing there. She reminds him that she is the owner of all the properties so no one can stop her from living in this palace. He is about to hit her but Purvi stops him and takes him from there. Prakashi asks maid to prepare to welcome Sakshi.

Next day, Virendra asks Purvi about breakfast and he notices Sakshi on the dining table. Purvi asks him to not get angry. She stops Sakshi from serving to Virendra. Village ladies comes there and tells Sakshi that their husband’s spends all the money to watch dance performance. Sakshi tells them that she will invite the dancer for dance performance and asks them to bring their husband’s. They nods at her and leaves from there. Virendra tells her that dance performance won’t happen in this palace. She tells him that she is ‘Mukhiyani’ so everything will happen according to her wish.

After some time, Virendra tells Purvi that she should not have stopped him when he decided to kill Sakshi. She tells him that Sakshi doing everything to instigate him so they should stay calm. He agrees to not lose his cool. Later, Sakshi invites the village people. Dancer comes there wearing veil and greets Sakshi. Sakshi asks Virendra to join them but he goes to his room. She asks the dancer to begin the performance.

Virendra gets irritated in his room. He comes out of his room and stops the music and asks everyone to leave from there. He yells at dancer too and pushes her. Her veil gets removed. Virendra and Prakashi gets shocked seeing her. Virendra calls her as Renu. Prakashi asks her that how can she dance like this without caring about their respect. Village people discuss about Renu saying that she is Virendra’s sister. Prakashi scolds Renu for not thinking about their image.

Sakshi thinks that everything going on according to her plan. She recalls that how village people informed her about dancer when she was in the Panchayat office and how she went to meet dancer with Prakashi and Anjali. Prakashi asks Sakshi that what Renu doing there when she run away with her lover. Sakshi decides to use Renu to get close to Virendra.

Virendra tells Renu that he choosed a perfect groom for her but she run away with her lover on her marriage day. He says to her that she is facing all this because she went against him. She accepts that she made mistake by believing Hari. She tells him that Hari was behind her money only. She reveals that she even tried to commit suicide but they saved her and she realised that this is her punishment that’s why she is living like this. Village people badmouths about Renu. Sakshi thinks that she needs to take stand for Renu now and moves towards her. But Purvi reaches Renu and asks others to stop it.

Episode ends.

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