Molkki 22nd November 2021 Written Update: Virendra catches Renu’s kidnapper

Molkki 22nd November 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Purvi serves Renu and the latter starts crying. She sends kids to their room and asks Renu that why she is crying. Renu tells her that after long time she is getting love and respect and everything happening because of her. Prakashi tells her that the latter faced so much because she trusted her lover. Anjali tells Renu that the latter did sin and if someone else was in her place then that girl would have committed suicide than becoming a dancer. Purvi defends Renu and taunts her. She asks Renu to ignore Anjali and Prakashi’s words. Virendra supports Renu and Purvi which irks Sakshi.

Later, Purvi tells Virendra that they should celebrate ‘bhai dooj’ for Renu’s sake. He tells her that she thinks about everyone. She talks about informing Police about Renu’s kidnap. He tells her that he thinks that Sakshi or Prakashi is behind this kidnap so they should find out the truth first.

After some time ‘bhai dooj’ celebration begins. Virendra gifts Renu and blesses her. Manas gifts Juhi. Purvi asks Virendra to take her to market for shopping. She asks kids to take care of Renu. In the market, Virendra collides with kidnapper and the latter runs from there. He catches him and beats him. Meanwhile, kids shows Purvi and Virendra’s marriage album to Renu. Renu gets shocked seeing Purvi’s father.

Virendra brings kidnapper to the palace. He asks him that who told him to kidnap Renu. Kidnapper tells him that if he took the name then he will die. Virendra tells him that he will kill him if the latter won’t tell the truth then and beats him continuesly. Kidnapper agrees to tell the truth. Someone shoots kidnapper which shocks everyone. Shooter escapes from there. Virendra glares Sakshi. She asks him that why he is glaring her like she did something when she don’t even know that kidnapper. Then he glares Prakashi. She tells him that she don’t have money to hire kidnapper so she and Anjali are innocent.

Renu gets panicked and tells them that she don’t want to return to dance. Purvi asks her to calm down and takes her to room. Virendra asks Renu to not fear about anything and her guys will guard her. He tells her that no one can reach her. Purvi tells her that nothing will happen to her and asks her to lay on the bed and get some rest. Virendra tells his guys that no one should enter the room without his permission.

Prakashi praises Sakshi. Sakshi tells her that she learnt that Virendra caught kidnapper so she decided to kill him. She says to her that she is going to play with Purvi now. Meanwhile, Kids plays with Renu in her room. Purvi brings food for Renu. Renu recalls seeing Purvi’s father in album and tells Purvi that she is not hungry. She ignores her and talks with kids. Purvi wonders that what happened to Renu suddenly and leaves the room.

Episode ends.