Molkki 22nd September 2021 Written Update: Purvi questions Daksh

Molkki 22nd September 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Daksh asks Purvi to wake up. One lady informs Nani that Purvi lost her consciousness. Virendra also hears that and he beats the Security guards. Nani tries to stop him but he pushes her and enters the marriage venue. Virendra makes Purvi lay on his lab and asks her to wake up. Manas and Juhi also asks Purvi to wake up. Daksh moves aside. Purvi regains her consciousness and hugs Kids. They realises that Purvi remembers the past now.

Virendra asks to call the Doctor. Purvi tells him that she is really fine and she remembers everything now and talks about the past. Chandni tells Purvi that she is happy for her. She reveals that Nani and Daksh already knows about Purvi’s past. Purvi goes to Daksh and asks him that why he betrayed her when she trusted him blindly. She asks Nani that how can the latter do this with her.

Virendra calls Purvi and she moves towards him and recalls the moments she shared with him. He tells her that she should return to her house now. He says to her that he and Kids missed her so much. She recalls their last conversation. Daksh asks Purvi to not leave him. He tells her that Virendra never took stand for her and always gave punishment to her and it’s Virendra who is responsible for her accident too.

He says to her that Virendra never searched her in these six months because she is just a ‘Molkki’ for him. He tells her that he really loves her and cares about her so much that’s why he gave everything to her which she deserved. He says to her that he wanted to give good life to her that’s why he lied to her too. He apologizes to her for lying to her.

Virendra tells Daksh that he forgives him for badmouthing because Purvi remembers the past now. Purvi recalls that how Daksh proposed her and also how Virendra accused her. She tells Daksh that he would not have lied to her if he really loved her then. She tells Virendra that he never believed her because she was just a ‘Molkki’ for him. And today also he wants her to follow his order but that won’t happen. She tells him that he didn’t came that he loves her but he wants to complete his incomplete family that’s it so she won’t go with him.

She tells Daksh that she won’t go with him too. She tells them that they betrayed her. She says to them that she is choosing herself over them. She tells them that she will live her life the way she wants from now on. Juhi asks Purvi that will the latter leave them too. Purvi goes to Kids and tells them that she will stay with them always and asks them that will they go with her. Kids nods at her and hugs her. She leaves from there with Kids.

Episode ends.

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