Molkki 23rd April 2021 Written Update: Prakashi finds Sakshi

Molkkia 23rd April 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Purvi refuse to believe Virendra and says to him that he is saying all this because he is not in his sense and he is stopping her so he can insult her later in front of everyone. She says to him that she is not his wife and just a Molkki and he won’t give place for her in his heart and leaves from there. He asks her to understand him and not leave him like this. He thinks what he should do to make her believe that he really loves her and she is not Molkki for him but his wife.

On the other hand, Sakshi roams in the house and Sudha searches her. Sakshi enters the Kids room and Bhuri tries to go inside hearing noise but Sudha stops her saying that Prakashi called her. Sudha locks the door and asks Sakshi that why she left from there and informs her that it’s not safe for her to roam like this in this house and tells her to hold her hand and they leaves from there.

Anjali and Bhuri drinks Bhang. Bhuri says to Anjali that she didn’t understand that why Virendra left the house on Panchayat day. Anjali reveals about Sakshi mill’s fake fire accident and Bhuri helped them by giving Virendra’s note. Bhuri asks her that what was in that note. Anjali tells her about Virendra’s punishment and she laughs saying that Virendra and Purvi fought with each other without knowing that they are talking about two different punishments. Purvi overhears their conversation and thinks Virendra didn’t betray her and decides to talk to him.

Virendra asks everyone to gather and says to them that Purvi’s entry changed his life and she loved his Kids like her own Kids. He says to them that they should not address anyone as Molkki and he invites them for his and Purvi’s marriage. Purvi, Sudha and Kids smiles hearing him.

Virendra kneels down in front of Purvi and asks her that will she marry him. He says to her that she always complaints that he never gives wife rights to her so from now on she is not Molkki and by marrying him she will become his wife. He asks her that will she marry him again. She agrees to marry him and hugs him. Kids claps and Prakashi, Anjali shocks. Purvi applies colour on him and wishes him. He says to her that she fulfilled his wish by applying colour on him first. Priyashi and Kids congratulates Purvi. Sudha thanks God and realises that Sakshi is not beside her.

Anjali asks Prakashi that what’s happening and why Virendra wants to marry Purvi again. Prakashi says to her that seems like Virendra loves Purvi so he won’t let her go anywhere. Anjali asks her that how they are going to separate Virendra and Purvi now. Sudha says to Purvi that she is happy for her. Purvi asks her about Sakshi. Sudha says to her that she is going to take Sakshi to the NGO and starts searching Sakshi. Sakshi washes her face. Prakashi and Anjali sees Sakshi.

Episode ends.

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