Molkki 23rd July 2021 Written Update: Nanthini apologizes to Purvi

Molkki 23rd July 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Virendra and Chaudhary mocks each other in front of election office. Nanthini reaches Virendra’s mansion. Prakashi tells Anjali that she really enjoyed when Virendra lashed out at Purvi. Anjali tells her that if it continues then soon Purvi has to leave the mansion. Prakashi gets surprised seeing Nanthini there and tells her that she thought the latter will come tomorrow for ‘pag phere’ ritual and compliments her. Nanthini asks her that why the latter didn’t attend the marriage. Prakashi tells her that at end moment she had to go somewhere else for work that’s why she could not attend the marriage.

Nanthini asks her that how can the latter choose money over her marriage. Prakashi tells her that she reached happy marriage hall after finishing her work but Chaudhary changed the marriage venue. Nanthini tells her that Veer would have informed about the venue if the latter called him then but the latter didn’t even tried and Virendra was right when he said that they brainwashed her because Purvi is not that much bad person and asks about Purvi. Purvi comes there and compliments Nanthini and tells her that she is happy to see her. Nanthini takes her from there saying that she has something to talk to her. Virendra and Chaudhary submits an application for ‘Mukhiya’ election.

Nanthini gives ‘leganga’ to Purvi saying that she made this for her. Purvi gets surpised when Nanthini addressed her as Purvi. Nanthini apologizes to her and she is glad that the latter did her ‘kanyadhaan’ and without her support the marriage would not have happened and the latter facing so much for supporting her. Chaudhary tells his wife that he knows to show the real place to Virendra that’s why he let Aarav marry Nanthini and he won’t lose in this election too.

Nanthini apologizes to Purvi for not understanding her. Purvi wipes her tears and hugs her. Virendra sees that and yells at them. Purvi tells him that Nanthini just came to meet her. Virendra asks Nanthini that why she came when she married his rival’s son going against him and asks her to leave the mansion. Nanthini reminds him that she is the owner of this mansion and it’s she who gave permission to him to stay in her mansion so he can’t tell her to leave the mansion and moreover he don’t have any rights to yell at her and asks him to learn to fulfill responsibilities from Purvi.

She asks Purvi to send Veer tomorrow for ‘pag phere’ ritual and tells from there. Purvi asks Virendra that why he behaved like this with Nanthini and he became blind in his anger. He blames her for everything saying that Nanthini hates him more because of her. She asks him to think that why all this happening instead of blaming her and tells him that he can win Nanthini’s heart with love only and leaves from there. Prakashi and Anjali overhears their conversation.

Priyashi sprains her leg and Veer picks her and takes her inside. She recalls that what Anjali said to her in the market. Purvi learns about Priyashi’s sprain. Sudha brings the balm. Purvi applies balm on Priyashi’s leg. Then she asks Veer to bring Nanthini tomorrow for ‘pag phere’ ritual and asks to take Sudha with him. Priyashi thinks that her plan flopped. Nanthini shocks seeing Aarav’s injures and asks him that how it happened. He tells her something.

Episode ends.

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