Molkki 23rd September 2021 Written Update: Anjali instigates Daksh against Purvi

Molkki 23rd September 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Virendra asks Purvi to not go saying that he can’t live without her and Kids. She asks him to not talk about Kids because they never got father’s love so without him Kids can live happily. She tells him that she don’t want Manas to become like the latter. She asks him to not worry Kids because she will take care of them. She tells him that she just faced insults and punishments from the time she entered his house still she tried to fulfill her responsibilities. She reminds him that how he blamed her in Nanthini and Aarav matter too when she just wanted to unite him with his Kids.

She tells him that she didn’t forget anything and she shattered completely that day and now she can’t love and respect him again. She pleads him to let her go. He asks Kids to convince Purvi. Juhi tells him that she wants to live with Purvi because Purvi is right. Manas agrees with her. Prakashi and Anjali comes there. Anjali murmurs to Prakashi that seems like something happened. Virendra tells Purvi that he was waiting for her to get her memory back which she got it, so they can talk about other things in house. He tells her that he suffered a lot without her.

Prakashi asks Purvi to return to house. Purvi asks her to not act because she knows that she is just a ‘Molkki’ for her. She tells her that she knows that what all the latter did to separate her and Virendra. She reveals Prakashi’s wrongdoings and asks her to not show this fake concern. Anjali asks her that where can the latter live with Kids because the latter don’t have any house. Purvi asks her to not worry about that and she knows to take care of Kids.

Daksh tells Purvi that if she really want to go then she can go and no one will stop her. He asks her to stay tonight in hotel because it’s not safe to go out at this time with Kids. Anjali tells them that Daksh is right and Kids must be tired too. Manas asks for water. Anjali gives water to Purvi and Manas. Purvi decides to not stay but faints. Anjali recalls that how she spiked Purvi’s water. Virendra picks Purvi and takes her inside.

Prakashi tells Daksh that she is not understanding that why Purvi rejected him. Nani tells him that seems like Purvi was just using him till now. Anjali agrees with her. Purvi asks Virendra to leave the room. He refuses and feeds soup. Daksh sees that. Anjali instigates Daksh against Purvi. Daksh leaves from there.

Anjali tells Nani that Virendra acts like he loves Purvi. She tells her that Virendra should see Daksh and Purvi in intimate position then only Daksh will get Purvi. Nani tells her that, that’s not possible. Anjali tells her that she and Prakashi will handle everything. Nani asks them to do whatever they wants because she just wants Purvi for Daksh and leaves from there. Prakashi tells Anjali to start the work.

Episode ends.

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