Molkki 24th November 2021 Written Update: Sakshi instigates Renu against Purvi

Molkki 24th November 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Purvi tells Renu that her father deserves punishment for the sins he committed and she knows that Virendra will make sure that her father gets his punishment. Virendra comes there and tells Renu that he will send her culprit to jail. He informs her that Police may come anytime. He asks Purvi that what is she thinking about. She tells him that she is thinking about her mother because she faced so much till now and don’t know that what will happen in the future with her. He tells her that her mother will stay in the palace.

After some time, Police arrests Purvi’s father. Purvi’s father tells Virendra that Purvi asked him to send Renu there. Purvi asks him that why he is lying. She tells Virendra that she don’t even know that Renu is his sister. Purvi’s father asks Purvi to tell the truth instead of sending him to jail at this age. He tells Virendra that Purvi won’t tell the truth so he will tell him everything. He informs him that Purvi saw him with Renu when the latter throw her out of the palace and she wanted to get revenge from him.

Purvi tells Virendra that her father lying. She agrees that she met her father that day but he didn’t said anything about Renu and she didn’t even saw Renu’s face. Virendra tells Police inspector that Purvi saying the truth and it’s her father who is lying. Police inspector is about to take Purvi’s father from there but Purvi’s mother stops him. She tells Virendra that her husband is not lying. Purvi asks her that why the latter want to save him.

Sakshi thinks that this is what she wanted. She recalls that how she asked Purvi’s father to lie to Virendra about Purvi for money. Purvi’s mother opposes him. So he threatens to kill her and asks her to follow Sakshi’s order. Sakshi tells Purvi’s mother that the latter has son too so if she won’t follow her order then she will lose him. She asks her to choose between her son and daughter. Purvi’s mother agrees to lie about Purvi. Sakshi thinks that now Virendra won’t let Purvi live in the palace.

Purvi asks her mother that who forced her to lie like this. Renu asks Purvi that why the latter did this with her. Purvi tells them that she is innocent. Virendra looks into Purvi’s eyes. He threatens to kill Purvi’s father and demands truth from him. He defends Purvi. Sakshi tells him that he should not trust Purvi blindly and asks him to consider Purvi mother’s statement. Renu asks Virendra that why he is defending Purvi after knowing the truth too. He tells them that he won’t hear a word against Purvi. Police takes Purvi’s father from there. Purvi decides to find out the truth.

Sakshi instigates Renu against Purvi. Renu tells her that she don’t care about Purvi but she is glad that Virendra send her culprit to jail. Later, Sakshi shows Purvi’s brother video to Purvi’s mother. She asks her to convince Purvi to arrange bail for the latter’s husband. She tells her that no one should know that she is involved in this matter and leaves from there. Next day, Purvi’s mother asks Purvi to arrange bail for the latter’s father.

Episode ends.

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