Molkki 25th November 2021 Written Update: Purvi frees her father from jail

Molkki 25th November 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Purvi asks her mother Savitha that why the latter crying. Savitha asks her to free her father from jail. Purvi tells her that she won’t do that and he deserves punishment for what he did with Renu. She asks her that why the latter want to save him even after knowing the truth. Savitha tells her that the latter’s brother Tutu’s life in danger and shows his video to her. She says to her that the latter should free her father from jail if she want to save Tutu then. Purvi asks her that who kidnapped Tutu.

Savitha tells her that the latter’s father is behind this kidnap. Purvi tells her that she never thought he will stoop this low. She assures her saying that she won’t let anything happen to Tutu. Later, Purvi’s father comes out of the jail. Purvi pleads him to not harm Tutu and leave from her life. He laughs at her. Sakshi sees them and thinks that she trapped Purvi successfully.

Purvi’s father reaches the palace and calls Savitha. Virendra asks him that what is he doing there. Purvi’s father tells him that he came to take Savitha. Purvi tells him that Savitha won’t go anywhere. Savitha tells her that she want to go with her husband. Virendra learns that Purvi arranged bail for her father. Purvi’s father takes Savitha with him. Virendra and Renu goes inside angrily. Sakshi witnesses everything and smriks.

After some time, Sakshi asks Renu to stay away from Purvi because Purvi is really cunning person. Meanwhile, Virendra tells Purvi that he didn’t liked that she arranged bail for her father. She informs him about Tutu’s kidnap and tells him that she was forced to do this and shows Tutu’s video to him. She apologizes to him. He asks her to not worry because he can understand her and hugs her.

Renu tells Sakshi that she will teach lesson to Purvi. She says to her that she can’t stay with Purvi so she will ask Virendra to throw Purvi out of the palace. Sakshi tells her that Virendra is blind in Purvi’s love so he won’t do that. Renu asks her that what she should do now. Sakshi asks her to win Purvi’s trust and then betray her. Renu nods at her. Sakshi thinks that Renu is her pawn to separate Virendra and Purvi.

Next day, kids tells Purvi that they should go out with Renu. Purvi leaves for NGO to meet Sudha. Renu asks kids to get ready. She tells Virendra that she needs money. He asks her to get it from Purvi. She informs him that Purvi is not in the palace. Purvi comes there and tells Virendra that she went to NGO to help Sudha. She gives money to Renu.

Purvi takes money from locker and sneaks out of the palace in the middle of the night. She gives the money bag to someone and asks that person to return it soon. Next day, Renu tells Virendra that she needs more money. Purvi thinks that she will be get caught if she opened the locker then.

Episode ends.

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