Molkki 26th November 2021 Written Update: Virendra learns about Purvi’s lie

Molkki 26th November 2021 Written Updateon

Episode begins with Virendra tells Purvi to give money to Renu. Purvi tells Renu that she has to give breakfast to kids so she will give money to her later. Renu tells her that she urgently needs money. Virendra asks Purvi to go to kids and he moves towards the locker to give money to Renu. He notices that locker is opened already and money is missing too. He calls the servants and asks them that who cleaned his room. He asks Purvi that who opened the locker. Sakshi is about to call the Police but Purvi stops her and reveals that she took the money from locker to help Sudha. He tells her that she did the right thing by helping Sudha because Sudha doing so much for NGO. Then he gives money to Renu.

Renu tells Sakshi that Virendra praised Purvi when he should have yelled at her. She asks her that how the latter knows that money missing from locker. Sakshi recalls that how she saw Purvi taking money from locker and decides to use it in her favor. She wakes Renu up and tells her to ask money from Virendra. She tells Renu that Purvi lying for sure so she should find out the truth. Renu asks her that what she has to do.

After some time, Renu tells Virendra that she want to work in NGO. He takes her to NGO and introduces her to Sudha. Renu tells Sudha that Purvi donated a lot to this NGO so she also want to do something. Sudha tells her that Purvi didn’t donate anything to this NGO and in fact she didn’t even meet Purvi from long time which shocks Virendra. Renu asks Virendra that why Purvi lied to them.

In the palace, Virendra wonders that why Purvi lied to him. Purvi enters the palace. He asks her that where was she. She tells him that she already informed him that she is helping Sudha in NGO. He tells her that she was not with Sudha and also she didn’t donate anything to NGO. She realises that he got to know everything and tells him that she gave money to NGO only. Sudha comes there and tells Virendra that Purvi donated to her NGO but she was not aware of it.

Purvi recalls that how she learnt from Sudha that Virendra visited NGO. So she asks Sudha to help her. Virendra tells Purvi that he made mistake by suspecting her. Sudha leaves the palace. Purvi follows her and thanks her. She tells her that she is not understanding that why Renu is angry at her. She informs her that Renu didn’t spend the money still she asked for money again. She suspects Renu’s intention and decides to talk to her. Sudha bids bye to her and leaves the palace.

Purvi questions Renu. Renu tells her that she asked money to buy gift for Virendra because his birthday is coming. Purvi apologizes to her and leaves the room. Sakshi enters the room. Renu tells her that still Virendra trusts Gehna.

Episode ends.

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