Molkki 27th July 2021 Written Update: Veer teaches driving to Priyashi

Molkki 27th July 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Priyashi asks Veer that if he is going somewhere. He replies her that he is going to teach driving to Sudha. She acts like she also want to learn driving but she don’t have anyone to teach her. He tells her that he will teach her today and leaves from there with her. Virendra notices that and thinks that seems like they become friends. Purvi visits Aarav’s house and tells Aarav’s mother that she came to meet Nanthini and moves towards Nanthini’s room. Aarav’s mother stops her and tells Maid to inform Nanthini about Purvi’s arrival.

Nanthini’s tells Aarav to take rest saying that Purvi should not know anything. Purvi enters Nanthini’s room and shocks seeing Aarav’s condition and asks about his injuries. Nanthini lies to him that Aarav met with an accident and he is feeling better now and Doctor asked him to take rest and drags Purvi from there and tells her that everyone is worried for Aarav and asks her to leave saying that they can talk later. Purvi thinks that something is fishy definitely.

Veer teaches driving to Priyashi. She tells him that her hair disturbing her so he tucks it behind her ear. Virendra and Chaudhary begins the election campaigns. Virendra tells Chaudhary that the latter can’t win against him. Chaudhary tells him that election result will tell that.

Purvi meets Virendra and taunts him for not helping her and reminds him that tomorrow election result will be out and asks him that don’t he regret for becoming Mukhiya of this village by destroying her happiness. He asks her to understand that he is doing all this to save village people from Chaudhary. She pleads him to listen her at least this time and asks him to change his decision. Veer comes there and asks Nanthini that what happened. She cries hugging him.

Virendra asks Veer to bring Nanthini inside and asks Nanthini that what’s the matter. Nanthini pleads Virendra to save Aarav and only he can save Aarav and reveals that Chaudhary is cunning person and for revenge only he let Aarav marry her. He gets emotional when she addressed him as father.

She tells him that what all Chaudhary did. He tells her that he can do anything for her and it’s just an election and she should have told the truth earlier and he won’t let anything happen to Aarav and takes the gun from the table. She asks him to withdraw from election if he really wants to help her then. Veer tells her that they need to teach lesson to Chaudhary because he won’t stop with this demand.

Later, Virendra gathers his family in the hall and reveals that he decided to withdraw from election because he wants to take rest. Purvi tells him that village people are his responsibility and asks him to think about his decision. He tells her that he won’t change his decision. Prakashi calls Nanthini and informs her about Virendra’s decision. Next day, Purvi asks Virendra that why he decided to withdraw from election. He tells her that he is really tired of workload and leaves to withdraw from election.

Episode ends.

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