Molkki 28th January 2022 Written Update: Purvi attempts to find a job

Molkki 28th January 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Gajraj refuses to kill Purvi. Prakashi asks him that if he is joking and how dare he to deny her. She tells him that he has to kill Purvi and then he can go wherever he wants to go and he should not forget that he is staying in the palace because of her. He tells her that Purvi won’t come in front of her again but he can’t kill Purvi. She tells him that she wants Purvi to die. He says that he loves Purvi so he won’t kill her. She asks him that didn’t he get someone else to love. He tells her that he won’t kill Purvi and also he won’t let anyone kill Purvi. She tells him that Purvi won’t love him and criticises his face. He leaves from there.

On the other hand, Yogi brings Anjali home. He gives medicines to her. She notices that medicines are expensive and asks him that how he arranged money to buy them. He asks her to leave that matter. Purvi changes the topic. Manas asks Anjali to play with him. Purvi tells him play with Yogi because Anjali has to get some rest. Yogi screams in pain while playing with Manas. Anjali removes his shirt and notices bruises. She asks him that what happened to him. Virendra reveals about Yogi’s work. Yogi tells Anjali that he is fine. Purvi thinks that she also has to find job.

Gajraj looks at himself in the mirror and he recalls Prakashi’s words. He says that he used to look handsome and he sees Satyam’s face in the mirror. He says that Purvi loves him and she don’t care about his face. He recalls that how his face burnt after bomb blast. Kids teased him and Purvi asked them to not tease him. She asks Satyam that why he is hiding his face. He tells her about his face. She motivates him saying that he should love himself and personality matters more than looks. He comes to reality and asks Purvi that if she loves his heart. He says that he knows that she loves him.

On the other hand, Principal tells Purvi that he can’t hire her as teacher because of Prakashi. She tries to get job from beauty salon but she didn’t get it. She gets cleaning job and the owner of the house tries to misbehave with her. She beats him up and runs from there. He chases her. She falls down. Gajraj comes there and warns him to not come in front of Purvi again. He shots him which shocks Purvi. She asks him that if he became mad. He scolds her for doing work.

He orders his driver to drop Purvi in her house. She says that she can go alone. He tells her that he won’t let her leave alone. She thinks that she can get details about Gajraj from driver and gets in the car. Driver takes the car to mechanic shop. She sees Virendra and asks him that what is he doing there. He informs her that he is working as mechanic. And he asks her about car. She lies to him that, that’s her friend’s car.

Episode ends.

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