Molkki 31st January 2022 Written Update: Gajraj asks Virendra to sell Purvi

Molkki 31st January 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Juhi goes to bakery and realises that pastry is expensive and she don’t have enough money to buy it. She tells herself that she really want to eat pastry now and decides to steal it. She steals it but bakery owner sees her so she puts it back. But while escaping she collides with table and cake falls down. He catches her and tells her that he will punish her. She pleads him to leave her.

On the other hand, Purvi tells Anjali that Juhi is missing. Anjali tells her that Juhi would have went to her friend’s house. Juhi calls Purvi and asks to save her. Bakery owner snatches the mobile from her and asks Purvi to bring 1 lakh. She tells him that Juhi is Mukhiya’s daughter. He refuses to believe her and asks her to bring 2 lakhs if she wants to see Juhi alive then and he disconnects the call. He locks Juhi in the bakery and leaves from there.

Purvi informs Virendra about Juhi’s kidnap. He tells her that nothing will happen to Juhi. He says that he is not rich anymore but Police respects him still. He calls Police inspector to inform about Juhi’s kidnap. Later, Purvi searches Juhi in the bakery. She finds Bakery owner’s note. She learns that kidnapper shifted Juhi to another place. He demands 5 lakhs from her. Virendra asks Police inspector to find his daughter.

Purvi sells the earrings which Gajraj gave her. Gajraj comes there and asks her to not break his heart by selling his gift. She tells him that she needs money badly now. He asks her to not worry about money. He calls Juhi. Purvi gets relieved seeing Ruhi and hugs her. Juhi tells her Gajraj saved her from Bakery owner. Purvi sees in news that Police found Bakery owner’s dead body. She looks at Gajraj.

He tells her that he won’t leave the person who troubles her and her loved ones. He snatches the earrings from jeweller and asks Purvi to accept it. She tells him that she don’t want it. He tells her that he is bad person because he just met bad people in his life. He asks her to accept the earrings if Juhi felt that he is good person then. He tells Juhi that he will make sure that she and Manas goes to their previous school. He asks her that if he is bad person. She tells him that he is good person.

Purvi takes the earrings. Purvi brings Juhi home. Virendra asks Purvi that who rescued Juhi. She drops the earrings by mistake. He asks her that how she got this. Juhi tells her that, that’s gift. He wonders that who gave expensive gift to Purvi.

Later, Gajraj taunts Virendra. He asks to sell Purvi to him. Virendra slaps him. Gajraj says that Virendra can’t keep Purvi happy. He reveals about earrings and also getting admission for Juhi and Manas. Virendra warns him to not take Purvi’s name. Gajraj tells him that he will keep Purvi happy. Virendra tells him that Purvi is his life. Gajraj says that he will get Purvi and leaves from there.

Episode ends.

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