Molkki 7th February 2022 Written Update: Gajraj proves his identity

Molkki 7th February 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Purvi defends Gajraj against Virendra. Virendra asks her that how can she believe Gajraj over him and why he will accuse him unnecessarily. He tells her to stop acting. She tells him that she is not acting but tired of everything. She says that she is glad that Gajraj was with her when she had heart attack because if Virendra was with her then he could not have saved her. She tells him that she can’t live like this anymore. He asks her to stop talking nonsense. She says that she is telling the truth and she don’t want to live with him and asks him to sign on the divorce papers.

He tells her that she became mad or what. She tells him that the latter is cunning and he is keeping her with him for the money he gave it to her father. She asks Gajraj to give that money to Virendra. She tells Virendra to get money and divorce her. He tells her that she insulted his love by talking about money and she deserves to stay with Gajraj only. He snatches the divorce papers from her and signs on it. He tells her that she is free from now on and she can do whatever she wants to do and he leaves the palace.

She goes to her room and cries recalling the moments she shared with Virendra. She says that she is hurt that she had to behave like that with Virendra. She tells herself that she can’t stay away from him no matter what. And she will go to him after punishing Gajraj. Meanwhile, Virendra thinks that he knows that Purvi acting like this to punish Gajraj and these divorce papers can’t end their relationship.

Next day, Purvi says that she knows that she is troubling Virendra but had to do this to expose Gajraj. She wipes her tears hearing footsteps. Gajraj enters the room and gives handkerchief to her. He asks her to not cry for Virendra because he don’t deserve her kindness. He tells her that she is still sick so she should take care of herself. She tells him that she don’t have a place to stay.

He tells her that his everything belongs to her only and she can stay with him in this palace. She tells him that she is not understanding that how she is going to repay. She thinks that by staying in this palace she will prove that he is Satyam not Gajraj. Servant informs Gajraj about Police’s arrival.

Gajraj goes downstairs. Nurse tells Police inspector that Gajraj is Satyam who killed his wife Renu. Gajraj laughs at her and asks that who is Satyam. Purvi asks him to prove that he is Gajraj because she knows that Nurse lying. Nurse shows her bruises to them saying that Gajraj attacked her. Purvi thinks that Nurse made her work easy. Police inspector asks Gajraj to bring proof to prove that he is Gajraj only.

Gajraj brings documents from his room and gives it to Police inspector to prove that he is Gajraj only. Nurse says that she will prove that he is lying. She asks Purvi to not believe him. Police takes Nurse from there. On the other hand, Anjali asks Virendra about Purvi. He informs her and Yogi about Purvi’s decision. She tells him that Purvi loves him so she would not do something like that.

Episode ends.

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