Molkki 8th March 2021 Written Update: Karan reveals about his revenge plan to his friends

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Molkki Spoiler: Will Virendra listen Purvi's plead??

Molkki 8th March 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Purvi thanks Karan for proving her innocence. Karan says she need not to thank him and says she should not think that he did all this to become her friend because she already refused to become his life so he is okay with it and now he helped her because she saved him when Principal was about to rusticate him from college. She says they can’t become friends but her opinion about him changed little bit. Karan’s friend says he can’t believe that Karan beated him for Purvi and asks why he made him confess.

Karan says Purvi insulted him in the college so he is going to insult her in front of village people and he will do that by staying as her friend instead of enemy. Karan’s friend asks in all this why Karan used him. Karan confesses that he only told him to steal question paper and asked him to put that in Purvi’s bag and in front of Purvi acted like he proved her innocence and says he did all this to gain Purvi’s trust. He says he will make sure that she regrets for insulting him. Karan’s friend praises his plan.

Manas asks Purvi that why she is making sweet dish today. Purvi says she is going to write exam tomorrow. Juhi says they are afraid of exams but Purvi is excited and also making sweet dish for that. Purvi tells Manas to bring Virendra. Purvi says Virendra helped her by calling Police and gives the sweet dish to him.

He recalls how she thanked Karan and says he didn’t save her and asks her to give this sweet dish to the person who saved her. She says she will five him too and says Virendra trusted her and fought for her and that’s matters for her and was about to feed him but he refuses first later she feeds him.

Bhuri goes to Anjali and tells her something. Purvi notices their expressions and wonders what are they talking about. Anjali tells Bhuri that she has to go to that haunted place today and decides to go there later. Virendra drops Purvi in college. She says she forgot to bring pen. He was buying pen from shop. Few girls were drooling over Virendra and Purvi hears that. She scolds him for smiling at those girls. He teases her and she leaves from there.

Purvi finishes her exam and gives sweet dish to Karan. Karan tells his friends that he is going to use this tiffin box in his next plan. Purvi tells Sudha about morning incident and Sudha teases her. She notices Anjali, Bhuri and follows them. She notices that they have so much medicines too with them and realises that Anjali lied to her. They goes to that haunted place and Purvi records that. They escapes from there seeing Purvi there.

Anjali tells Prakashi everything. Prakashi says Purvi should not know the secret and says Purvi will try to reveal this to Virendra. Anjali says Virendra won’t leave them if he got to know the truth then. Juhi tells Purvi that Anjali arranged party on terrace. Purvi decides to tell the truth to Anjali. Kids asks Virendra to dance with them. Virendra sees Karan talking to their security guard.

Episode ends.

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