Molkki: Sakshi to commit suicide?

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Colors show Molkki never failed to engage audience with its gripping storyline. Now, Sakshi committed suicide after Virendra’s confession so it will be interesting to watch how Virendra and Purvi will react.

Earlier its seen that, Virendra cleaned Purvi’s face and removed the money garland from her neck then he wiped her tears too. He lashed out at his family for humiliating Purvi.

Sakshi asked him that why he is yelling at them when they were just celebrating “Molkki diwas”. He told her that every Molkki deserves respect and as a Mukhiya of the village he will make sure that they gets respect and cancels “Molkki diwas” ritual.

Later, Purvi asked him that till when he can fight for her. He replied her saying that until he is alive. She thanked him for protecting Molkki’s respect.

Sakshi confronted Virendra. He accepted that he loves Purvi and said to her that he won’t leave Sakshi because she is his responsibility. Sakshi shattered hearing his confession.

In the upcoming episode, Prakashi will say to Sakshi that the latter did mistake by stopping Purvi when she was about to leave the house and top of that, she gave “Choti Mukhiyani” title too.

Anjali will say to Purvi that, Sakshi got to know that when she returned Purvi and Virendra’s marriage was about to happened.

Purvi will knock Sakshi’s room door to give food to her. Sakshi will get ready as bride and will commit suicide.

Who is going to save Sakshi? Will Sakshi survive? How Virendra will react now? What will be Purvi’s decision?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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