Molkki Spoiler: Will Purvi find out the secret of cave?

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Colors popular show Molkki is all set for a major turning point in their show. Earlier its seen that, Purvi thanks Karan for proving her innocence. Karan says he just repaid the favor because she saved him when Principal was about to rusticate him from college. Karan’s friend asks Karan that why he beat him for Purvi. Karan reveals that he only told his friend to steal the question paper and put that in Purvi’s bag and says he will insult her by staying on her side.

Purvi makes sweet dish and gives to Virendra and thanks him for trusting her and putting effort to prove her innocence. Purvi gives sweet dish to Karan also and thanks him again. She follows Anjali and Bhuri and sees them entering the cave and clicks their picture. Seeing Purvi there they escapes from there. Prakashi tells them to stop Purvi from telling the truth to Virendra. Anjali arranges party at terrace and Virendra sees Karan in front of the house.

In the upcoming episodes it will be seen that, Prakashi tells Anjali that Purvi wants to know the secret of that cave and want to know who stays there but she can never find that secret. Purvi finds dead crows in her room and gets afraid seeing that.

Why Karan came to Purvi’s house? Will Purvi able to tell the truth to Virendra?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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