Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 10th May 2022 Written Update: Saumya learns the truth

Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 10th May 2022 Written Update:on

At the beginning of the episode, Armaan refuses to believe Prisha’s words but Prisha tells him that yesterday Saumya sent her a message. She also shows him the message in which Saumya has told her that her eyes are hurting so she wants to have an abortion. Armaan gets angry seeing this. He says that Saumya pretended in front of everyone that she is a great mother and misled him too.

He tells her that he wants to meet her tomorrow. She says but he has promised that he will spend time with Saumya. Armaan says that he will lie to Saumya. The next day he goes to Goldie and says that he wants to watch the match with him. He then sends a message to Soumya and says that he is about to watch the match with Goldie. Further, Prisha makes an excuse in the house that her friend has tried to commit suicide so she is going to meet her.

Armaan then leaves Goldie’s house. He meets Prisha. Some people see Armaan with Prisha and take her photo. He puts it on the Internet. Armaan tries to get closer to Prisha. But Prisha stops him. She tells him that there is no relation between them so she cannot come close to him. Here Saumya calls Armaan and but his phone is switched off.

She takes Goldie’s number from Sushma and calls her. Goldie lies to her that Armaan has gone to get samosas. Saumya says that Armaan does not like to eat samosas. Goldie tells that he used to eat samosas during college so he has gone to get samosas. Soumya says fine. Here Armaan tells Prisha that he loves her very much. Prisha gets happy hearing this. Further news fails that Armaan’s affair is going on.

Soumya gets shocked seeing this. She wonders if Armaan is really having an affair. She approaches Sushma. Then there comes Armaan. He tells everyone that all this is lying. He says that some of his fans had come to meet him and he has done all this. He asks Saumya if she believes in him. He says that he also knows that he was with Goldie. Soumya says that if she knows that she has not done anything wrong then she need not be afraid.

Sushma says that because of that girl he is paying the price. Armaan says that he will do something. Sushma that it would have been good if his father was here. On the other hand Tara feels that something is wrong. Armaan says thanks to Saumya as she has faith in him.

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