Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 14th July 2022 Written Update: Armaan meets Anjoori aka Saumya

Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 14th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Saumya advising the kids to always tell the truth no matter what the situation is. She then promises to Jashan and Jahan she will also tell one of her secret but the both of them remains silent. Saumya tells the kids when she was a kid even she troubled her teachers a lot. She also tells that once she also put a balloon on her chair so that when she sit it will burst then they can have a laugh and tells this is what kids do and there is no need to lie about it. She advices Jashan and Jahan to not to lie in any situation. Armaan comes there and the kids gets distracted.

Armaan asks the other kids to continue playing. Jashan and Jahan hugs Armaan. Armaan asks Saumya what is she teaching to the kids. Her thoughts are just like a middle class people from where she came from that’s why she is advising the kids to accept and do what is right and wrong. Because in high class society what the high class people does is right and what the other people do is wrong and this is what he taught his kids too.

 Saumya tells him that means he taught the kids a wrong things and reminds him that she has equal rights on the kids and they both are the kids parents. Armaan mocks at her and tells that she can’t able to satisfy his kids needs and tells her that before she was dependent on him and now she is dependent on her sister Shilpi. He then asks the kids to check Saumya’s bag and see what Saumya bought for them. Both Jashan and Jahan empties the bag of Saumya. Armaan takes the fallen money from Saumya’s bag and tells her that the tips he gives to the waiter when he takes Jashan and Jahan to have pizza is more than what she have now so he is sure that she cant able to take care of his kids. He then asks the kids to go and play with the other kids.

Both Jashan and Jahan joins the other kids. Armaan tells Saumya that this is the third and last day and she needs to sign the divorce papers or else she will have to once again go through whatever she went through five years back and tells her to make her life more suffocating than it has already.

He also asks her to go back to Indore and write cheap stories then earn some money out of it to run her life rest of the life. He also tells her she has no other option other than to sign the divorce papers and leaves the kids to be with him. Saumya tells Armaan that there is still time for the third day to end and she will let him know her plan of signing the divorce papers in the evening. She also adds that her relationship with her kids are soul connection and no one can able to separate the kids from her. She then tells the kids that she will meet them some other day then leaves the classroom.

Armaan comes to author Anjoori’s office again with a rose bouquet in his hand. The receptionist greets him. Armaan tells that he hope the author will like his choice of flowers this time and tells this time he have an appointment with him to meet the author. The receptionist signs at him to go to Anjoori’s office. Armaan enters the office happily and greets the author saying that he is happy that she gave him an opportunity to meet her and he can’t express his joy into words.

Saumya turns around and tells not everyone can feel the same when they meet someone right. Armaan gets shocked seeing Saumya and realises she is Anjoori. He calls her Saumya and asks her how she wrote such a book when she was spending time in psychiatric ward. Saumya asks Armaan to acknowledge her as Anjoori and tells him to give respect. She also tells him that she had nothing to lose when she was in the psychiatrist ward so she decides to use it this way. She then tells Armaan that she will give him fifteen minutes time and asks him to tell her the reason behind his visit also what can she do to help him.

 Armaan tells Saumya that every author wants to produce their story under his production house even she is used to be one though so he wants her books rights. Saumya mocks at him saying maybe he didn’t understand what she told him before and repeats her question what help he want from her. Armaan remains silent so Saumya tells that not only him all the producers in this industry wanted her story and they can offer the huge amount which he is offering her now infact now he is not even one of the top ten producers in this industry. She then tells that she knows he wants her books rights to change his life like how he used to be as a well known producer. Armaan looks on angrily.

Saumya tells Armaan that she is willing to give her books rights to him but before that she has two conditions which he has to agree. She takes the divorce papers in her hand and tells him that she will sign these papers but he has to tear the papers into pieces and tells him even she wants divorce from him but she will decide when she wants it and this is her first condition.

 She then tells that her second condition is that she will give her books rights and she want to produce the story with him and she wants fifty one percent in this. If he is okay then they can talk about this further. Armaan laughs and tells Saumya that he is not that desperate to give her fifty one percent. He also praises her act. Saumya tells Armaan that she had many dreams and one by one she is fulfilling it some might haven’t that too because of his evil plans against her but whatever she is today is because of her own only.

She then tells him that she will give him five minutes time he has to decide or else she will give the rights to some other producer. Goldie comes there with a contact and advices Armaan to take this offer and agree to this deal. Saumya looks at the sand clock. Armaan changes the sand clock’s position before all the sand falls on the other side making Saumya smile happily at him. Armaan looks on angry and irritated.

Precap: Armaan tells Prisha that he knows Saumya is playing a very big game with him but she isn’t aware he have trump card to use against her and he will make sure to regret her for her action towards him. Later Jahan refuses to enter a room with Saumya saying he is scared of darkness so Saumya enters the room. Both Jashan and Jahan locks Saumya inside a room and laughs. Saumya gets shocked.

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