Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 1st August 2022 Written Update: Armaan instigates the kids against Saumya

Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 1st August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Armaan entering Saumya’s house angrily. He asks her how could she play a game with him. He also tells Saumya that he won’t spare her what she did to him. He also vows to destroy her and her idea to become a producer and produce all three shows. Saumya asks Armaan to talk to her about professional related topics in the office. She also asks him to take her appointment first.

Saumya further tells Armaan that she received an offer from the channel to decide about producing her next three books show’s and what is so wrong if she chooses to produce a show of her own because she is the one who written the stories also asks him why he is so upset about her decision. Armaan gets furious and says to Saumya that she may think that she have snatched everything from him but he still have their kids who hates her and will never stop hating her.

 Saumya reminds Armaan that she has the power to snatch his rights on their show and make him zero also reminds him about the debt he has already. Armaan tells her with the money she has now she may able to get the custody of the kids but no matter what the kids will always hate her. Saumya tells him that she will be there to teach her kids what’s right and wrong so asks him not to worry about it. She then asks him to stop threatening her unnecessarily or else he will face the consequences. She then asks Armaan to give back her kids then she will allow him to produce the shows or else asks him to leave the show currently he is being part of it then she is ready to leave the kids. Armaan doesn’t say anything.

 Saumya mocks at him saying that she knows well that he loves himself only that’s the reason why he refused to accept the offer to choose either the show or their shows and he remained silent which means his priority is not the kids but the show and its profits. She then tells Armaan that in this industry people who can survive is only those who are talented and there are people who is like him who traps others with their evil plans for their own benefit but that won’t last long.

Saumya tells Armaan that he has no rights to stop meeting the kids as she has the court order. She then tells her plan to visit Oberoi mansion on daily basis to teach the good values to her kids. She also says the house is not his but Harsh who owned it so he has no rights to stop her from entering the house also visit the kids.

 Saumya tells Armaan that her parents especially his father requested her to return home to take care of the kids so no one can stop her from meeting her kids. She then asks Armaan to get out of her house. An angry Armaan leaves the house. Armaan drinks a lot. He calls one by one those who he knows to take their help but they all refuses so Armaan gets sad upset and angry. He have few more drinks then fall asleep on the couch.

The next day Armaan wakes up with his mobile phone ringing sound. He answers the call and the producer named Mr.Amit talks to him from the other side of the call. He suggests him to take over his new production house in Jakarta and tells the people working there needs a person like Armaan to guide them. Armaan gets happy but the producer says that he needs to arrange money worth of nearly twelve crores because he has to pay the workers.

 Armaan tells him to submit all the legal papers about this agreement before all theses formalities sort out he will arrange a money. He then decides to leave the city and starts his life new. Armaan gets shocked seeing Saumya who comes there with Sushma. Saumya shares her plan to take care of the kids by giving them the prasad also helping them get ready for them to go to school.

Armaan goes to where Saumya and Sushma is. He asks her how dare she can enter his house and asks her to leave right away. Saumya reminds Armaan about the court order and tells him he can’t stop her. Armaan tells her the kids hate her also her presence isn’t needed in the house so asks her to leave his house right away.

Harsh comes there and tells Armaan the house belongs to him so he will let Saumya spend her time with them in this house also she has a court order with her. Sushma supports Harsh’s decision and tells Armaan that they won’t let him ruin the future of these innocence so they will allow Saumya to teach good values to the kids. Armaan mocks at Saumya by saying we dont need a nanny also she doesn’t know anything about their kids who wakes up after 9am then leaves the place.

Jashan wakes up and sees Armaan is sitting on their bed sadly so he wakes up Jahan. They both asks him the reason behind him being sad. Armaan acts and tells that Saumya is the reason behind his sadness and instigates the kids against Saumya. The kids promises Armaan to trouble Saumya. Armaan gets happy. Saumya enters the kids room and asks them to freshen up and have milk and get ready for the school.

 The kids attack her with the toy gun and ball and tells she is troubling their father a lot also they knows she is the reason behind Prisha leaving the house so they hate her and asks her to leave their room. Saumya pleads with the kids but they both throw her out of the room. Saumya gets sad. Armaan who is waiting outside the room laughs at Saumya in a mocking way and tells her that he already told that she will never get love from the kids. Saumya glares at him.

Precap: Saumya searches the kids and worriedly asks Armaan about the kids whereabouts. Armaan receives a call from the abductor who threatens Armaan and the later gets worried about the kids. He drops the things from his hand hearing the kidnappers demand and Saumya looks on worriedly.

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