Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 16th May 2022 Written Update: Saumya forgives Armaan

Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 16th May 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Saumya tells Armaan that she will listen to him so that he should come to her. Armaan lies that he met that girl in the the audition had an attraction but when she became pregnant, he ended all relations with her. But later that girl called him to meet her and made his photo viral. Saumya tells Armaan that she has made a mistake but she has the right to punish him and she wants him not to leave her and take care of her.

Armaan asks her if she will forgive him and everything will be back to normal between them. She remembers Sushma that she doesn’t want to lose her second son and says that everything will be back to normal between them and she will never go away from him. Armaan is about to fall but Saumya holds his hand. Goldie also helps them. He asks Saumya if she is fine. She says yes. Next they all come home. Sushma welcomes them.

She thanks Saumya as she forgave her son. Harsh tells Saumya that today he has returned his son to him, so she can ask for anything from him. Soumya says that she has everything so she doesn’t want anything. Sushma feeds Armaan with her own hands. Armaan says that he missed all this a lot. Just then Prisha’s parents come there. Prisha gets shocked seeing them. Armaan tells Prisha that she too should now return to her family.

Prisha gets stunned. Later she leaves with her family. Armaan tells Goldie that he wanted to tell Saumya the truth about him and Prisha but he thought it might create problems between the families so he didn’t do all this. Goldie says that Prisha should forget all this. Here Shalu taunts Prisha as she could not do anything. On the other hand Armaan tells Saumya that he has called the media tomorrow as he wants to tell everything to everyone. Harsh asks Armaan if he really wants to do this.

He answers yes. Further media comes to Armaan’s house and starts questioning him. Soumya also comes there. The media questions her whether she is supporting Armaan or standing against him. Soumya says that she knows that they have many questions to which they need answers. She tells them that the girl was threatening Armaan and has done all this to harass Armaan.

She adds that how much of Armaan’s fault was in this is his personal matter. She tells them that she wants them to give them their personal space. Media asks Saumya if she can tell them who the girl was. Soumya says that when that girl is hiding her identity, then they also do not need to pay attention to it.

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