Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 19th July 2022 Written Update: Prisha scolds Jashan and Jahan

Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 19th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Jashan and Jahan playing with Prisha’s makeup kit. Prisha asks them to stop playing with that and try to catch them. She finally catches them and scolds them for ruining her make up kit. Both Jashan and Jahan gets upset with Prisha and tells her that they are going to tell this to both Armaan and Harsh. Prisha tells them that she isn’t scolding them and asks them what happened to the sketch box she bought them and asks them to show their sketch they made.

 Jashan and Jahan tells her that they sketched mean mom’s picture and they have taken her make up kid to paint their sketch. They also tells her how they troubled Saumya by locking her inside the Store room. Prisha makes them sit beside her and tells them to do what she asks them to then she will take them to amusement park instead of school. Both the kids get happy and agrees to her idea.

Prisha about to tell something but Sushma enters and tells Prisha that she is teaching the kids wrong things. Prisha tells her that she is teaching then what’s right also asks her not to interfere in this matter. Jashan and Jahan sends Sushma out of the room and locks it inside. Sushma gets worried what Prisha is going to do against Saumya using the kids. Prisha tells something to Jashan and Jahan. Jashan and Jahan nods their head. Prisha recalls Saumya slapping her and making her leave the house and thinks to herself to ruin her using the kids.

Armaan enters Saumya’s office room angrily. Saumya tells Armaan that she knows well he will come to meet her and mocks at him saying she dont have time to talk to him. Armaan angrily asks Saumya why he talked ill about him infront of the media. Saumya tells him that whatever she told is true and asks him to be thankful saying that atleast after so long he is getting attention from the media that too because of her so he has to be grateful towards her.

 Armaan gets furious. Saumya goes to him and provokes him to break whatever the things in the room because now he can’t do anything to break her and recalls how he angrily broken things made of glass during the earlier stage of their marriage. She provokes Armaan by telling him that he is the one who given her the fifty one percent share so she has the power to do anything which means within a second she can able to cancel the contract and make him nothing again.

 Armaan angrily throws the vase other side of the room. Saumya recalls the memory of these incidents taking place and goes to where the vase pieces are. The publishers and few workers enters the room and asks her what happened to her and asks her is she fine. Saumya assures them that she is fine and accuses Armaan for his crazy behavior. She then tells that she is scared to work with him so she decides to cancel the contract. Armaan gets shocked and tells Saumya that she cant do that.

One of the publisher tells as per the contract Saumya has the power to cancel the deal with him at any time. Armaan gets worried so he tells the people that due to personal problem he reacted like this so asks them to not to take this seriously. They demands Armaan to apologises to Saumya and he apologises to her. Saumya asks him to apologises to everyone in that room and he does it.

Saumya makes other’s leave the room and locks it inside. Armaan asks her that she did everything intentionally right. Saumya tells him even whatever he did with her is intentional. She then asks him to clean the mess and leave the room. She threatens to cancel the deal when Armaan refuses. Armaan cleans the mess. Saumya watches and recalls the memory similar to it. Armaan and Saumya looks at each other.

Saumya receives a call from someone so she hurries out of the office. Armaan notices it. Sushma and Kashish talks how Prisha is using the kids for her own benefits by spoiling them with whatever they are asking. Kashish tells that Saumya can only able to stop the kids from going into a wrong path. Saumya reaches Jashan and Jahan’s school. The teacher asks Saumya is she locked Jashan and Jahan inside the store room. Saumya denies it. Prisha tells Saumya that she has to check her mental stability again because the previous day she did locked the kids inside the store room. Saumya warns Prisha to not to use her kids or drag them in this mess. Prisha tells Saumya that she understands that the kids aren’t accepting her as their mother because of which she is affected but it doesn’t mean she has to force them and threaten them like this.

Saumya talks to Jashan and Jahan about what happened and when Jashan about to reveal whatever Prisha told isn’t true Prisha stops her. She then tells the teacher if they don’t make Saumya leave then she wont let her and her friends kids come here. She also asks the teacher to ask the kids if they feels she is lying though. Saumya tells that she knows the kids will give statement against her and tells Prisha to not to teach such bad qualities.

Prisha asks the kids to tell that Saumya locked them inside. The kids tells the same which leads the teacher to ask Saumya to return the ID card then leave the place. Saumya pleads her not to scratch her only opportunity to spend time with her kids. Prisha smirks happily when the teacher refuses to listen to Saumya. Saumya takes the ID card and forwards her hand to give it to teacher. Sushma comes there and tells that Saumya didn’t locked the kids inside the store room. Prisha gets shocked.

Precap: Armaan and Saumya have a conversation about Saumya spending time with the kids. Armaan accepts Saumya’s requests. They both held each other’s hand. Prisha opens the office door and gets shocked seeing them both together.

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