Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 21st July 2022 Written Update: Saumya complaint about Prisha to Armaan

Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 21st July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Saumya telling Armaan that she isn’t sure about the deal because she is disturbed by Prisha’s behavior in her personal life and tells that Prisha snatched her opportunity to meet her kids in the school’s activity area. In this state she dont think she can able to agree to his deal and work together in the future. Armaan apologises to Saumya on behalf of Prisha and tells Saumya that he will talk to Prisha about this. He then asks her to come and meet the kids in his house.

Saumya tells him that she wants to maintain a professional relationship with him and if she comes to his house to meet the kids that will bring a lot of unnecessary problem in her personal life which she dont want. She then asks Armaan to let the kids spend time with her in her house. Armaan obliges. Saumya asks him to let Prisha drop the kids in her house. Armaan agrees and forwards his hand to agree to his deal. Saumya puts her hand in his and nods her head yes. Armaan gets happy. Prisha comes there and gets shocked seeing Armaan and Saumya together. Armaan asks Prisha what is she doing here.

Prisha asks him what is he doing here also asks where his mobile as she tried contacting him but he didn’t answered the call. She also asks what Saumya is doing this and insults her. Armaan warns Prisha to not to cross her lines but Prisha accuses Armaan for going behind her back and having a date night with his ex. She also asks Armaan to not to fall in the trap of Saumya in order to become a successful person like before. Armaan asks Prisha to shut up and tells that he and Saumya shares a professional relationship so asks her to stop talking unnecessarily.

Saumya acts and says that she is leaving but Armaan stops her and tells her that there are things that has to be finalized yet and tells that Prisha will leave. Prisha gets upset and shocked then leaves the place. Armaan apologises to Saumya on behalf of Prisha. Saumya mocks at Prisha by calling her an incapable woman who doesn’t have any idea how to handle a relationship. Armaan and Saumya discuss about their project further.

Armaan reaches home and finds Prisha is still awake. He asks her not to argue with him because he and Saumya only talking about their next projects also he is need of Saumya’s help. He also advices Prisha to stop acting like a Saumya who once used to question him the way now she is questioning him. Prisha apologises to him and tells him that she understands his intentions behind being nice to Saumya and tells once everything becomes normal then they don’t need Saumya so they can throw her out of their house. She also apologises to him for her behavior.

Armaan asks Prisha to take the kids to Saumya’s home the next day because he dont want her to be in their personal space which may create more conflicts. Prisha recalls Saumya’s challenge so she tries to convince Armaan but the latter asks her to do what he is asking her to then goes to sleep. The next day Saumya cooks for the kids. Shilpi comes there and tells her even she made few surprise arrangements for her nephews. She then asks Saumya what is she cooking. Saumya tells its Indore’s special Halwa which she failed to give to her kids on their birthday but no one can stop her from doing this.

Sushma serves Harsh his coffee and tells him that Saumya won the challenge against Prisha which makes Harsh happy. Prisha brings the kids down. Armaan asks them to not to trouble their mother. He the advices Prisha to not to get into an unnecessary argument with Saumya because she have the court order to meet the kids. Prisha thinks to herself its not her but the kids will bother her and says if Saumya tries to snatch Armaan from her then she will make sure Saumya dont get her kids.

Saumya opens the door happily and asks the kids to hug her. They both goes near her but refuse to hug her saying she is stinking. Prisha smirks happily. Shilpi takes the kids inside. Prisha taunts Saumya and tells that she wik never able to win her children’s life but the latter talks about the power of a mother’s love the closes the door. Prisha returns home and thinks the gift is for her so she tries to open it but Armaan stops her and tells her this is for one of his friend who recently get married.

Prisha asks him who his friend is. Armaan warns her not to try to get into his personal space. Jashan and Jahan happily plays. Saumya asks them to have food made by her but they both refuses saying its unhealthy. They further tells they have noodles. Saumya makes them apologises for insulting food. She and Shilpi pretends to enjoy the food made by Saumya Saumya meanwhile the kids having noodles. Jashan reminds Jahan they aren’t supposed to have food made by Saumya. Saumya and Shilpi makes an excuse and leave to the kitchen. Both Jashan and Jahan have the food made by Saumya and enjoys it. Saumya and Shilpi watches this from kitchen and Saumya hopes the kids realises the love she has for them.

Precap: Saumya tells Goldie that she is going to break Armaan’s I Me & Myself mentality. She also tells him her plan to break him using his strategy on him. Other side Armaan and Prisha gets into an argument and an angry Armaan throws a glass at Prisha who moves away and looks on shocked.

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