Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 21st June 2022 Written Update: Armaan-Prisha traps Saumya once again

Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 21st June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Armaan tells Saumya that he is taking his baby out to experience him fresh air because her words are suffocating them and goes out of the car. Someone comes in a bike and hits the car. The driver and the biker gets into an argument. Saumya watches them. Prisha in her disguised look comes there and takes the baby with her. Saumya tells the arguments are getting too much so she has to take the babies to the home and turns around and gets shocked seeing the baby is not there. She goes out and searches the baby here and there. She then goes to Armaan who is busy talking to someone on the phone. She pleads him to listen to her.

Armaan cuts the call and asks her what happened. Saumya cries and says to Armaan their baby is missing. Armaan acts like he is shocked and angry and asks Saumya what is she saying also how it is possible as she is with their baby. Saumya tells that the driver and the guy get into an argument after the latter hit their car. For two minutes she watched it then turned around to find their baby is not there.

 Armaan signs at Prisha who puts the baby inside the car then leaves the place. Armaan scolds Saumya for being careless and asks her why she didnt locked the door. He then tells that he will call the cops to find their baby. Saumya sees an inspector and constable. She points at them and tells Armaan they can take help from them. Both the inspector and constable asks Armaan and Saumya what happened and they both tells them their baby is missing. The inspector tells they have to go near the car to find whether they can able to get any proof to find out about the kidnapper and goes near the car. The driver tells Armaan someone hit their car because of which they have to service it.

Armaan scolds the driver saying he is worry about the baby which went missing. The driver asks what is he saying and tells Armaan the baby is inside the car only shocking everyone. Saumya gets relived seeing her baby. She hugs the baby and cries hard. Armaan asks Saumya what kind of nonsense is this. He accuses Saumya for unnecessarily worrying him and wasting the time of the cops.

 Saumya tells Armaan that she is telling the truth only but Armaan refuses and tells that she even told the other day that she locked the stroller which leads the baby in a dangerous situation and tells that he worried about his baby’s safety. He then asks the cops to leave also apologises to them on Saumya’s behalf. The cops asks Saumya to take proper rest and leaves the place.

In Verma’s house Goldie says to Saumya that he is surprised and shocked learning the things that’s happening around Saumya and the babies. Also whenever such things takes place Armaan is around them. Saumya looks at Goldie but the latter takes a camera from his bag and puts it in the stroller. He then takes Saumya’s mobile and installs the hidden camera. He then says that they can monitor each and every moment of the babies through Saumya’s Saumya’s mobile at any time.

Malini and her husband feels relived. Saumya also likes the idea of getting to know who exactly messing with her and the babies with the help of this camera. Goldie says he wants to know if its Armaan who is behind all this then he wants to know the reason behind his doings. Later Saumya tells the line to Veena who is relaxing in the couch. Veena doesn’t like it so asks Saumya to change the line according to her wish but the latter says it will not look good to which Veena taunts her by asking who is the writer here and warns her not to go against her words. Saumya obliges.

Armaan imitates Saumya’s worried and scared face to Prisha and tells her that Saumya wants to take the baby’s from him but he wont let her win. He then asks Prisha to be more careful about their next plan. Prisha assures him in this plan also they will get succeed. They both tells each other that they love one another. Sushma sees this and gets shocked. Prisha asks Armaan when he is going to fulfill her wish to make her his. Armaan tells after he divorces Saumya he will marry her and make her Mrs.Prisha Armaan Oberoi. They both and his babies can live a happy life as a family and hugs Prisha. The latter hugs him back and thinks to herself after marriage it will be only her and Armaan. Then they both leaves the place. Sushma tells Kashish about Armaan’s decision to marry Prisha. She also praises Saumya’s values eventhough she is from a middle class family. She tells that she dont know how to do something to change Armaan’s decision to marry Prisha.

Malini asks Saumya to hurry fast as they are getting late and reminds her about the appointment of babies for  vaccination along with them to make arrangements for the puja which they are going to held for the babies. Saumya in the room gets ready. She tells Malini after her baby’s vaccination she will go to meet Veena then come back to help her with the puja arrangements. She also suggests Malini to look for an auto while she gets ready.

 Malini agrees and leaves the place. Prisha comes there and locks Saumya’s room door. The latter gets shocked and asks to open the door. She also warns not to go near her baby’s. Prisha goes near the baby’s but finds the camera so she puts her hand on it which makes Saumya to unable to see the person’s face through her mobile. Prisha leaves the place opening Saumya’s room door after she puts something inside the baby’s stroller. Unaware of the door is unlocked Saumya calls her mother who hurries to her house followed by their neighbors.

 Saumya becomes hyper and tells Malini whatever happened. Malini calms her down. In the hospital Saumya gets surprised seeing Armaan who tells her that he wont miss anything that’s related to his babies. The doctor checks the baby’s and tells there is rashes in the baby’s bodies it must be because of the unhygienic environment around them. Both Saumya and Malini denies it but Armaan taunts them by asking them to stop giving excuses and improve their surroundings.

Precap: Armaan brings Prisha with him and tells the puja which is going to take place for his baby’s in which it will be Prisha who will sit by his side not Saumya. Saumya tells Armaan that she will fight alone for her baby’s rights and win the case against him and get the custody of their babies. Armaan tells he will never let Saumya win.

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