Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 22nd June 2022 Written Update: Armaan gives into Sushma’s plea

Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 22nd June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Armaan asks how did this happened and tells instead of giving excuses both Saumya and Malini should make their environment better. He further adds Saumya that she can ask him if she can’t afford anything and tells he forget that what kind of a person she is. Malini changes the topic asking doctor what should they do to reduce the rashes in the baby’s.

Doctor tells that she will prescribe some medicine and asks them to take the baby to the hospital after two days. Armaan tells Saumya that she has to let go of her ego and return home for their baby’s well being. He also asks to forget about whatever happened between them and accept what is happening and return home. Saumya tells Armaan that she is glad he is thinking about the baby’s but she is not same Saumya who used to believe his every words and trusts him blindly.

Now she knows well if he is being nice and telling such things it’s either because to satisfy his ego or to do something that will make her weak and he can defeat her not for their babies in which she is not going to fall for it anymore and says she knows how to take care of her babies then leaves the place with Malini. Armaan looks at Saumya’s retreating back and says Saumya is right about his intentions also he will make sure to get back his baby’s at any cost. In Verma’s house Malini talks to one of the baby by asking the baby to tell his mother he and his brother is perfectly fine and she dont have to worry about it.

Saumya and Malini hears someone is knocking on the door. Saumya tells she will open the door and goes to see who it is. She gets surprised seeing Sushma there. Sushma enters the house and tells she is here to meet her daughter Saumya and her grandsons. Malini greets Sushma. Saumya gives one of the baby to her and tells she will go and bring her her favorite tea for her. Sushma tells that she is here to request her something. Saumya asks her to order her what she wants for her to do she will do it.

Sushma tells the recent events that took place made all of them worried about the babies well being so she decides to conduct a puja for their well being. She also requests Saumya to be a part of the puja also tells she and Armaan has to do the puja together. Saumya becomes speechless and hesitates. Sushma tells that she knows what Armaan and Saumya’s relationship is at this stage but pleads her to do this puja for the sake of her children’s well being. Saumya tells Sushma that she is ready to take part in this puja but the puja will take place in her house not in Oberoi’s mansion.

Sushma tells she will convince Armaan and make him agree to this. Later Saumya goes to Veena and pleads her to give her the contract. Veena mocks her. Saumya tells Veena the contract is really important for her to prove herself in the court that she is capable of taking care of her children alone as an independent women. Veena tells her she is not heartless like she think she can get her contract tomorrow. Saumya gets happy so thanks her then leaves the place.

Sushma makes Armaan’s favorite dish and tells her other daughter in law and the latter asks the reason behind it. Armaan have his dinner and praises Sushma’s cooking. Sushma tells her plan to conduct a puja for children’s well being. Armaan likes the idea and praises her. Sushma tells him that she and Saumya has to sit in that puja also the puja will take place in Verma’s house because that’s what Saumya want.

 Armaan gets shocked but agrees to it making Sushma happy. He thinks that he will teach a lesson to Saumya for sure. Veena calls someone and tells their prediction is right about Saumya because she asked the contract and asks the person do she have to give it to Saumya then agrees to do what the person told her on the other line.

The Verma’s gets ready for the puja. Sushma and Harsh comes there. Malini and family greets them. Malini tells Saumya and the babies are getting ready. Shilpi praises Saumya’s beauty in her room and then complaints about dressing up both the babies in the same clothes which is confusing her to figure out who is who.

 Saumya tells but a mother can identify her children no matter what. She then goes out and meet Harsh and Sushma and gives them the baby’s. Harsh insults Saumya saying she should have conducted the puja in some well place in which the babies may not be go through the sufferings. Saumya tell him they have natural air and opens the window. Armaan comes there. Prisha also comes with him. Sushma asks him what is he doing.

 Armaan tells Saumya don’t accept their relationship so he decides to take Prisha with him who is his future partner also going to sit in the puja with her because eventually Prisha is the one who going to take care of his children. Saumya taunts Armaan by saying why god created them with two ears and one mouth and says that this puja is for their children and the baby’s parents are supposed to take part in it so asks him not to create any scene.

Armaan mocks at her and sits with Prisha and asks the priests to start the puja. Saumya takes her phone and starts recording the video asking the viewers to see how Armaan is going to perform a puja for his babies with his girlfriend shocking everyone. Armaan warns Saumya and asks her to stop recording. Saumya taunts him about getting worried all of sudden. She then warns him saying she will go to any extend for her babies so it’s better if he dont cross the line. Armaan looks at her angrily whereas the Verma’s looks happy and proud at Saumya.

Precap: Saumya throw Prisha out of the house. Armaan gets angry and tells Saumya that he brought Prisha with him. Saumya tells its her house so she will decide everything and asks him to decide whether he wanted to take part in the puja or not. Later Armaan strangle Prisha and the latter asks him to leave her asking is he went crazy.

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