Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 24th June 2022 Written Update: Armaan saves Saumya in the party

Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 24th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Veena telling Saumya that she is giving her a training also giving her salary too. She also says that she don’t do all this but she is favoring her but she is demanding so much so asks her to take it or leave it. Saumya tells Veena she isn’t a trainee and she knows how to write.

Veena tells Saumya that if she is that good of a writer then she could have get so many opportunities from other’s. She further says even in her previous show also she might have had help from Armaan’s assistant’s. Saumya gets angry and reminds Veena that she hired her because of her talent. Veena tells her if that’s true then she would never asked her to written once again the scene given to her because what she gave to her is crap and gives the script to her. She also says if she wants to work here then she have to follow her rules and agree to this three year contract and asks her to decide and let her know because now she is going to take some rest. Saumya looks on.

 Other side Prisha cries and says to Armaan to forgive her. Armaan says to Prisha that he will never forgive her for what she did. Prisha pleads Armaan saying she can’t stand seeing Saumya insulting him that’s why she did all those things but now she realised her mistake so he has to forgive her. She also tells that she can’t remain silent as she can’t tolerate knowing he is upset with her and kneels infront of him for his forgiveness.

 Armaan tells Prisha this is what makes him love her more because she accepts her mistake and agrees to so what he is asking her unlike Saumya. Prisha tells him he even loves him more and she is ready to do anything to get his forgiveness. Armaan says to Prisha that till now whatever they have done against Saumya everyone thought its Saumya’s hallucinations but what Prisha did with Saumya and the kids earlier made Saumya’s family and everyone that he is behind all this so he can’t take risk now and tells Prisha he will think about something else to defeat Saumya.

Armaan’s assistant comes there and gives an invitation then leaves the place. Armaan sees it and throws it near the table. Prisha takes it and asks what it is. Armaan talks about a writer who used to write lot of shows and the writer name is Deepak Mishra who conducts a party every year so that the industry people can get to know one another also they can get oppurtunity to show their talent.

He not even once attended his patty’s also will never attend his party anymore as its boring. Prisha says he is right and tells these parties are for people like Saumya who is boring just like the party conducted by Deepak Mishra. Armaan gets an idea and thanks Prisha for helping him unknowingly by saying this. Other side Malini tells Saumya that this is not fair pointing about the three year contract.

Saumya says to Malini that she has no other options but if she gets a job and that’s income proof she can submit it in the court to prove herself as an independent woman who can take care of her babies alone. Armaan calls Deepak Mishra and the latter gets happy and surprised when Armaan tells him that he will attend his party this year. He also tells Deepak Mishra this year he will make the guest list. Saumya receives a call from Deepak Mishra who invites her to the party. He also tells her the chances of getting new oppurtunity to show case her talent. Saumya gets happy and agrees to attend his party also thanks him for inviting her. She then tells Malini that when God closes one door God will open another door for sure.

Saumya goes to the party venue where Deepak Mishra greets her. The guests recognizes her and tells that she is being poor after Armaan left her. Deepak Mishra introduces Avi and Saumya and tells Avi about Saumya’s previous show. Avi praises her. Deepak Mishra leaves the place. Avi tells Saumya that he is ready to hire her but he wants to see her talent. Saumya gets happy and agrees to talk to him about the job. She refuses to have alchohol. She then gets uncomfortable when Avi sits close to her in the couch and asks her to tell him a romantic story because his next show is based on romance. Saumya realises Avi’s intentions so she tells him they cam talk about work in his office then decides to leave the place.

Armaan comes there with Prisha. He requests the guests to not to take a picture or video of him and his partner. Saumya gets shocked seeing him so she decides to leave but Avi stops her and tells her even she has every rights to be happy and he can make her happy but Saumya warns him and walks away from him. Armaan and Prisha stops Saumya.

Prisha insults Saumya saying she isn’t surprised seeing her here where she is looking for an opportunity to show her talent to everyone. Saumya taunts Prisha about her talent is to trap rich guy and become that guy’s puppet. Prisha warns her not to cross her limits. Saumya says she dont have fear of falling and leaves the place.

Avi once again goes to Saumya and troubles her. Saumya warns him to stay away from her but the latter refuses. He then leaves the place when Armaan comes there and threatens Avi. He then taunts Saumya saying she is in this situation because of her ego. Saumya tells him she is proud of herself. She also vows to earn fame power and money of her own then leaves the place. She goes and plays a game with the guests.

 When the bottle points at Saumya she gives into Deepak’s request and sings an old song. She recalls Armaan’s behavior back then. Prisha makes her fall to ground. Armaan gives her his hand but Saumya stands up on her own. The guests applauds and praises her for her performance. Saumya thanks them and leaves the place.

Precap: Saumya makes a promise to her babies that she will win the custody case at any cost. Other side Armaan asks Harsh to give him a medicine which will make Saumya act crazy for an hour in the court and he can prove her mentally unstable and defeat her. Harsh nods okay.

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