Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 27th June 2022 Written Update: Saumya advices Veena

Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 27th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Saumya receives a call from Goldie. Goldie tells Saumya that he want her income proof which he need to submit it in the court as her income proof. Saumya tells she will do everything to provide the income proof. She then looks at the contract and tells that she will do anything to win this battle and seeks God to help her to choose the right path.

 Malini comes there and gives her prasad. Saumya thanks her. She then meets Veena and thanks her for giving her a job when she is in need but she dont think this isn’t fair for her to give this contract which only gives her a very low income that too far next three years. She knows well that she needed this contract so that she can prove herself in that court that she is financially independent and can take care of her babies also she knows well that she deserves more than what is in that contract. Veena insults Saumya and asks her to either accept this contract or she can leave.

 Saumya pleads Veena but the latter gets furious and shouts at Saumya for worrying about her babies for 24*7. Saumya gets angry so she asks Veena to not to say anything against her baby’s. Veena gets angry so she throws a glass of water at her face. Saumya gets shocked. She tells Veena that she knows well that if someone is tolerating everything especially her behavior like this then that means they are in need which is inevitable but it doesn’t mean they are weak though.

She then puts the contract and the episode she has written on the table and then leave the room. Veena gets furious and tells that she won’t spare Saumya also she is going to teach her a lesson for insulting her and takes a step forward but falls to the ground when her saree gets stuck in a table.

Veena cries out in pain after she hurts her hand. Saumya rushes to Veena’s room and gets shocked seeing Veena’s state. She tries to help her but realises Veena may have fractured her hand so wonders how to take Veena to the hospital alone. After some time Doctor checks Veena in her office. He thanks Saumya for calling him immediately and tells the seriousness about Veena’s injury. He then advices Veena to not to use her hand for one month. Veena tells but her job is writing.

Doctor asks don’t she have any assistant. Veena looks at Saumya. Saumya tells the doctor she was Veena’s assistant but she quit her job also she is sure Veena will get a new assistant soon. The doctor leaves. Saumya decides to leave the place but Veena stops her and asks her why she helped her even after she humiliated her. Saumya tells her its her parents who gave her such upbringing. Veena tells even her parents taught her all these but the money made her like this and she feels bad for her behavior. She then tells Saumya that she knows for what reason she needed this job even before she met her.

 Saumya looks at her confusedly. Later Saumya walks on the road furiously. She stops an auto and asks the driver to take her to Oberoi mansion. The FB shows in which Saumya tells Veena that she isn’t getting what she is saying. Veena tells that whatever she did including hiring her as her assistant is because someone gave her instructions

Saumya gets shocked and asks who it is. Veena tells her that Shimmy contacted her and told her about Armaan’s plan also promises to give her fifty lakhs. She also says whatever she did including the contract also asks her to write the scenes in a paper and submit it to her directly instead of sending her the written scenes in a mail.

 Saumya gets angry and upset. She tells Veena that she knows well why Armaan did all these so that she can’t able to provide any proof in the court to prove her about her financial independence. Veena tells Samuya that she realised her mistakes and she is willing to help her and agrees to give her her salary also income proof. Saumya gets happy and thanks her. The FB ends. Saumya thinks that she cant believe Shimmy who she considered as a friend done all this with her under Armaan’s influence.

Saumya reaches Oberoi mansion. She goes to Armaan’s room. Armaam looks at her her confusedly. Saumya tells Armaan that each time he is proving her wrong by stopping lower than the previous time. She doesn’t know when he will stop his act and influence people dance according to whatever he says. She also tells that she learnt through Veena about his offer to trap her. She then tells no matter what he tries she will prove herself as a capable parent and win the custody of her baby’s.

She also asks Armaan to fight legally not like this way. He failed to prove himself as a loyal husband but in this time also they both decides to part ways he is doing all this to get whatever he wants. Armaan acts and tells Saumya that he doesn’t know what she was talking about.

Saumya tells Armaan that Veena told her the truth also she decides to help her eventhough she offered her fifty lakhs it’s all because the truth is with her shocking Armaan. She also vows to do everything in her power to win the custody case of her babies also gets the power fame and money on her own. She then leaves the place. Armaan thinks that he cant let someone like Saumya win especially when she is an ordinary woman and tells that he has to do anything to get his babies custody. He then looks at the glass place which he throws it near the wall and he kneels down in front of the shattered pieces then falls on it. He then pushes himself on the broken glass and looks on.

Precap: Saumya tells her babies ther both are her everything and makes them a promise to do everything to give them all the happiness also protect them. Other side Armaan seeks Harsh’s help to prove Saumya a mentally unstable person in the court as he can’t afford losing the custody case against Saumya. Harsh will look on.

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