Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 28th June 2022 Written Update: Prisha helps Armaan

Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 28th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sushma sees Saumya in the house and asks when did she come and asks her to have a seat but Saumya refuses saying she came here to rectify her mistakes and she will talk to her over a phone then leaves the place. Sushma gets confused. She then hears Armaan’s voice so rushes to his room and gets shocked seeing his condition. She goes to him and asks him what happened also asks her daugher in law to Harsh.

Armaan tells Sushma that its Saumya who hurt him like this as they had an argument. Saumya goes to her house. Her father asks is she okay. Saumya cries loudly which shocks and worries her parent’s. Her parent’s asks her what happened to her. The babies starts crying. Malini notifies her the same. Saumya goes to the babies and takes them in her arms. She tells them that they are her world and she will do everything in her power to protect them. She then tells that she will earn more money and fame and power to give them everything they wanted only for them and kisses their forehead. Malini and her husband gets emotional hearing Saumya’s promises for her babies.

 In Oberoi mansion Harsh tells that if the glass pieces went even deeper then Armaan may had to go through a surgery but God’s grace nothing such happened. He also says to Sushma that she always supported Saumya and today she proved what kind of a person she is and asks her is she going to believe Saumya and support her instead of her son. Armaan asks Harsh to not to scold Sushma and tells that Saumya has done all this to stop him from going to the court but he won’t let Saumya succeed in her plan. Sushma looks confused.

Kashish suggests that they should make a complaint against Saumya for hurting Armaan but the latter refuses saying his babies will suffer if Saumya goes to jail because there will be no one to feed them. He also tells Harsh that Sushma still thinks that Saumya didn’t done anything such. Harsh accuses Sushma for supporting a woman who harmed their son. Armaan acts and asks Harsh to not to say anything to Sushma then tells he wants to take a rest because tomorrow is a big day. Everyone leaves the room.

Armaan stops Harsh from leaving the room and tells that he need a medicine. Harsh asks him what kind of medicine he wants to he will bring him though. Armaan tells that he wants a medicine which is illegal. He also says after having that medicine he want the one who had the medicine to become violent and tells he wants this for Saumya to defeat her in this case by proving her mentally unstable person.

Harsh thinks and then says to Armaan he will make sure that he gets the illegal medicine and asks how he will give it to Saumya. Armaan asks him not to worry about that he have a plan. He then says until then they have to make sure Saumya and Sushma don’t talk to each other. He asks Harsh to stop Sushma from calling Saumya. Harsh obliges and leaves the room hurriedly. Sushma’s daughter in law tells Sushma that she don’t think Saumya is behind Armaan’s condition.

Sushma looks confused and says but she saw Saumya leaving the house angrily. She even refuses to stay for a while. Kashish tells that Saumya is under lots of pressure so Armaan might have provoked Saumya with his words that may have lead her to push him on the glass table but her sister in law tells Saumya is never a violent person though. She also says that they have to talk to Samuya about this and decides to call her. Harsh comes there and takes the phone from everyone also demands Sushma to give him the mobile. Sushma pleads Harsh to let her talk to Saumya for once why she did to Armaan like this.

Harsh taunts Sushma saying she is the real enemy for their son and takes the mobile from her hand saying their advocate told until tomorrow the verdict comes out they should keep a distance from the Verma’s then leaves the place. Armaan praises his father for being a good actor. Other side Goldie says to Saumya that Veena’s statement is a plus point for them and he is sure they will win this case. Saumya reminds him how Armaan loathes failures and he will definitely try to do something to win this case. Goldie tells that he have his men who is keeping eye on both Armaan and Prisha. Saumya smiles at him thankfully.

Prisha gives the illegal medicine to Armaan who pours it into a laddu box and tells Prisha to make sure it reaches Saumya. Prisha worries that Saumya may grow suspicious also she may contact Sushma but Armaan asks her to do her part of the plan. Other side Malini tells Saumya tomorrow is a big day so she has to take some rest. Saumya goes to open the door when they hear the door bell ringing. The deliver guy tells her the parcel is sent by Sushma for her.

Saumya receives it. Malini opens it and praises Sushma for being thoughtful. Meawhile Armaan tells Prisha once he wins this case he himself will announce their engagement which makes Prisha happy. Saumya decides to call Sushma. Armaan takes Sushma’s phone from Harsh and sends a message to Saumya as Sushma wishing her a good luck. Saumya gets happy and sends her a message thanking her for her blessing.

Armaan reads the message and tells that this laddu will bring her failure only. Shilpi and Saumya decides to have the laddu but Goldie stops them and tells them that he learnt through his men it’s not Sushma but Prisha who sent these laddus and his men saw her leaving Armaan’s house with this laddu box in her hand earlier shocking Saumya.

Precap: Armaan in the court tells that Saumya is a bipolar who acts calm then lose her cool and start hurting the people around her. Saumya gets shocked hearing it and cries. Armaan tells he even have an eye witness. Sushma comes to the front and looks helpless. Saumya looks on shocked.

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