Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 30th May 2022 Written Update: Saumya fights for her life

Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 30th May 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Armaan hugs Sushma and asks her if her baby will be fine. Soumya’s parents also come there. Armaan turns things around and says that he wants both Soumya and children to be fine. Malini looks at Prisha and asks how did she come here. Prisha says that Armaan told her that Saumya’s health is bad so she came here. Dr comes there and tells them that Soumya’s health is very bad.

Harsh takes Armaan with him and asks him what happened there. He says that Saumya has come to know everything. Harsh says that as soon as Saumya’s health gets better, his truth will also come in front of the world. Prisha comes there and says Saumya can’t do anything, she only has the guts to do drama. Harsh asks her to shut up. He says that she is not capable enough to talk about his family matters.

Dr asks Armaan and Harsh to go to her cabin. She tells them that Saumya’s condition is critical and it may be that they have to save either the child and the mother. Armaan says that if this happens then they have to save his child. Malini hears this. Harsh lies that Saumya already had problems in her pregnancy, then Saumya had told Armaan that she should always choose children. Malini says that Saumya can never take such a decision and she cannot lose Saumya under any circumstances.

Further Sushma tells Malini that they will worship for Saumya and nothing will happen to her. Later, Saumya gives birth to two boys and fights to the death for her children. Harsh and Armaan further inform everyone that both Saumya and the child are fine. Everybody becomes happy. Prisha sees that Armaan is very happy. She says that Armaan forgot her in a minute but she is sure that now Saumya will not forgive him.

Armaan tells Harsh that he has taken care of Saumya’s family but what will Saumya do. Armaan thinks that now Saumya will have to give up her pride for her children. Harsh asks him what will happen to Prisha. Will she compromise? Just then Prisha comes there and congratulates Armaan. Harsh gets upset seeing her. He tells Armaan that he should meet his wife now. Armaan and Harsh leave from there.

Shalu comes there and taunts Prisha. Prisha says that she will not leave Armaan at any cost. Later she comes to meet Saumya in her room. She tells her that she does not understand what she should do. Should she congratulate her or be sad for her husband’s deceit. Soumya asks Prisha why she has come here. Prisha tells that Armaan loves her so she should leave Armaan.

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