Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 31st May 2022 Written Update: Saumya reveals Armaan’s truth

Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 31st May 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Armaan sees his kids and gets happy. He makes videos of his kids. Here Malini and Sushma come there. Sushma thanks Saumya as she has given her two grandchildren. Soumya asks how are her kids. Sushma says they are fine. Soumya says that she wants to see her children. Armaan comes there and says that if she wants to see her kids, she will see them right now.

He is about to show her their photo from his phone. Saumya says that she does not want to see her children through his eyes. Sushma asks Saumya why she is saying such things. Saumya asks did Armaan not tell her that Armaan and Prisha are having an affair. Sushma and everyone else are shocked to hear this. Armaan says that he does not need to tell anything to anyone as she is there to tell everything to everyone.

He tells her that he has done a small wrong thing for which she should forgive him. Soumya says that having an affair is a small matter. Armaan says that he has given her everything so she should forget everything. Malini says that a woman needs love apart from home and jewellery. Armaan says that even her husband would not have given her everything that Saumya has.

Malini says that it is true that she did not have that much money and jewelry but she was happy because her husband was with her and loved her. Soumya angrily tells Armaan that he is no one to talk like that about her father. And she herself can take care of her children as she earns money. Armaan says that no matter how much money she earns, she cannot live the life he has given her.

Soumya tries to stand up angrily. Sushma asks Saumya to take rest. She tells her that she has had an operation so she should not stand up. But Saumya does not pay heed to her and goes to Armaan. She tells Armaan that she didn’t want money and a bigger house. SHe only wanted respect which he could not give her. She adds that no woman is weak.

She says that she will not go to his house with him. Sushma is shocked to hear this. She asks her not to say that. Armaan tells her to stop her drama as she is no longer a free bird but a mother of two kids. Armaan tells Saumya that she is a weak woman who will not be able to do anything alone. Malini says that Saumya is not alone, they are all with her and Saumya is not weak at all.

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